Looking for published work on the sisterhood
Hi, She Writers. We're looking for work to feature on The Sister Project dot com, a multi-user platform blog begun in 2008 by my sister (Margaret Roach, former editorial director, Martha Stewart Omnimedia) and me (Marion Roach Smith, non-fiction writer, NPR commentator, former NYTimes staffer). Right now we're featuring Meg Waite Clayton, whose novels always explore TSP's favorite topic: sisters. An accompanying post features She Writes, which is where we got to know Meg. My sister and I are both proud She Writes members. If you've written a screenplay, or published poetry, fiction or nonfiction on the subject of the biological and non-biological wonder that is the sisterhood, we want to know. http://thesisterproject.com

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  • :-) Thank you, Marion! And hello fellow sister-writers!

  • Marion Roach Smith

    Hi Laila. How about I let you know when the new book is out? You'll benefit most from that one, I think. My other books are listed on my SW page. The first is a story of my family's struggle with our mother's Alzheimer's disease; the second, the result of 2 years spent behind the scenes in the wild world of forensic science; the most recent, The Roots of Desire, the history of red hair. In all, I practice participatory journalism, and am very much part of the tale.

  • Laila El-Sissi

    Thank you Marion. I will keep you posted. I am a novice in blog world and really don't know whether I post excerpts or what. I am sure you will help me with that. Which of your books you suggest for me to read first?

  • Marion Roach Smith

    Hi, Laila. Your books idea sounds wonderful. I run memoir writing tips on my blog here. Make sure to scroll down since there are more than 20 such tips there for your use. Please keep in touch, so we can talk more about your book. I'd love to hear how it is going. It does sound like the perfect story for us. Feel free to ask me questions: I've written several books that have been commercially successful, and am about to publish a guide to writing memoir. Write on, sister.

  • Marion Roach Smith

    Thanks, Loraine. We featured it here. We have quite a hefty series on writers, though we're always looking for more suggestions. So keep 'em coming.

  • Loraine Despres

    You might want to check out Julia Glass' wonderful book of linked short stories: I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE.

  • Laila El-Sissi

    Hello Marion

    I just finished writing the story of my sister and myself. We were teenagers and our father forced us into an arranged marriage to two much older men. We are Egyptians and culture demands we obey our parents and accept their choices. Most girls in the Middle East they go along and live miserably every after in such marriages, but not my sister and I. We fought culture, our parents, society and challenged our parent's interpretation of the Quran and eventually we divorced and escaped from Egypt. The memoir is rich in details of everyday life of women in that part of the world. Their subjugation in the male dominated society. I wrote my life experience hoping it would inspire other girls who are going through the same experience. I also hope I could start a change a discussion in the antiquated divorce laws in Egypt and other countries in that region. I am working with editor right now. My story has captured the interest a publishing house. I am now searching for an Agent.
    I like your informative site, and hope I can join your group even though I am not published author yet.

  • Marion Roach Smith

    Hi, Loraine. Hello, Phoebe. I am so glad to meet you both here at SW. And thanks so much. I'll check out both of those books and get right on giving them the sisterhood boost they deserve. This is wonderful. I'll also add you as friends. Make sure to see the Meg Waite Clayton gallery interview we did, so you'll know what to expect. http://thesisterproject.com/galleries/ There are several other writers there, as well. So check it out. And thanks. I'll be back to you soon.

  • Loraine Despres

    Hey Marion, my novel THE SCANDALOUS SUMMER OF SISSY LEBLANC (William Morrow HarperCollins) involves two first cousins in the South in 1956 one white, one black, who discover their relationship and bond as sisters, a relationship that lasts for decades. My second novel, THE BAD BEHAVIOR OF BELLE CANTRELL (same publisher) is about the sisterhood of two women as they struggle for suffrage, the prejudices that pull them apart and tie them together again.

  • Phoebe Wilcox

    Hi Marion, The subplot of my upcoming first novel, Angels Carry the Sun (due out in June with Lilly Press,) concerns the relationship of two sisters. The first chapter highlights some of the tension between these two girls--There is a link to Wild River Review (where it was first published) at my website if you'd like to check it out. www.phoebewilcox.com Phoebe