February's Weekend Write
Written by
Shonell Bacon
March 2010
Written by
Shonell Bacon
March 2010

Well, today ends the second Weekend Write of 2010. Right now, I am not focusing on storytelling. Over the last month, I realized that first and foremost in my agenda is school, so most of my major writing will be delegated to that. I was driving myself crazy, thinking I "lost my touch" because I wasn't writing thousands of words a day. I am still being creative; I'm just using my talents to write my academic works--and that's OK. Having said that, I decided to use this weekend to get various writing projects done:
  1. Article for my The Write Life for You series
  2. Article for The Blood-Red Pencil
  3. Finish and submit an article on letter writing that's for possible publication
  4. Write/finish site visit project for my Usability class
In total, approximately 5,000 words. And I'm happy to report that I completed all the writing activities for this Weekend Write, and I'm already thinking about what I'll do next month. Next month presents an interesting time for me. Spring break will have come and gone, and I'll be moving into the last full month of the spring semester. April is ScriptFrenzy, and so I will want to make sure my outline is developed for the script because I do hope to at least TRY to work on a screenplay during April. Luckily, I have an outline on the back burner, so I won't have to work on that, but I will have to reread it, get back into the characters' minds so that I'm ready to write in April. More than likely, I'll do the same thing in March I did this month--work on articles to submit. How is your writing going?

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