What You Can Get for $100 on She Writes
Written by
Mardi Link
February 2010
Written by
Mardi Link
February 2010
Ok, so I am a working writer, a single mother of three teenage boys who makes her living only by writing. Plus, I live in the hinterlands of Northern Michigan. I know. Insane. I'm telling you that sob story just to give you an idea of what $100 means in my financial scheme of things. Five days of groceries. A soccer uniform. One college textbook, used. Well, you get the picture. Anyway, I spent $100 on a one hour phone consult with Erin Hosier and it was money very, very well spent. I needed a break-up strategy with my former agent and advice on how to get a new agent. Erin gave me both, plus five names of top agents and their contact info, and listed authors they represent in my category. I followed up to all five of them with a "Hi, I'm a published author who needs a new agent" email and within 45 minutes my top two choices had not only responded, but asked for all my material including a synopsis of each of my two published books for possible film. She Writes and Erin, you rock! Many thanks!

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