Alice's Kitchen
Written by
Gerry Miller
February 2010
Written by
Gerry Miller
February 2010

Alice’s Kitchen

I admire Gertrude’s puzzling poetry,

her impressionistic prose,

the famous Picasso pose –

regal and so like Caesar.

I agree,

Gertrude was a genius.

Yet, I prefer the company of Alice,

who, in declining years –

alone and destitute,

refused to barter just one

priceless canvas

to pay for food or rent.

Friends prodded her,

Compose a cookbook –

market your culinary artistry.

In my reverie, she welcomes me

to her aromatic kitchen –

I dip a silver spoon

into an icy yogurt soup,

dine on guinea hen

she confessed to murdering

this morning.

The feast might close in her salon

with coffee served in china cups –

Alice lifts a crystal plate, presents

her fabled herbal brownies.

In confidence she whispers,

Two are quite sufficient.

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  • Gerry Miller

    So good of you to comment. Our friend Renate encouraged me to post this ... I'm very much an amateur!

  • Judith van Praag

    Lovely Gerry!

  • Gerry Miller

    Thank you for the kind comment, Ginster. So glad you enjoyed this.