A mother's work is with a pen
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
February 2010
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
February 2010
How a She Writes group for sassy moms got into the t-shirt business for Haitian relief

I didn't expect Mother Writer! There was no goal to achieve other than a coming together, a realization that my two loves may be similar in kind to that of other women. I had a hope for a true conversation, a flick of connection. But Mother has grown and she wants to do more. I may have had the initial inspiration, but I am far from the energy that propels her. In December, She Writes member Nicelle Davis asked for an interview to appear on her blog The Bees Knees. In the interview Nicelle said, “I love the name 'Mother Writer.' There is something tough about it—something about the name that makes me want to put it on a T-shirt and claim my tribe.” I was taken with the idea and let it stew through the holidays. Of course, we all know the tragedy that befell Haiti on January 12th of this year. Everyone began talking and acting. It was amazing to see the focus and motivation that strummed along the vibrating lattice of the social networking sphere. Nicelle's idea came back in the form of aid. It took some time, but here at the beginning of February Mother Writer! is proud to share our creation. She Writer and blogger Catherine Anderson, aka Mama C, supplied us with the motto "L’union fait la force" which means “Unity Makes Strength.” Coupling that with my idea for a logo and the very generous artistic talents of a personal friend, we were able to see the project take shape. In an effort to raise funding for Haitian relief, Mother Writer! Is donating all proceeds from The Mother Writer Swag Shop to Doctors Without Borders. It's a first step, hesitant and shaky, but a first step is something big. Where we go from here is open to suggestion.

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  • E Victoria Flynn

    Thank you, Stephanie! I'm so glad you like it :)

  • Stephanie Bird

    E Victoria, I received my T-shirt yesterday and am proudly wearing it today. It's lovely and I'm glad to help the cause.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Thank you, Patricia, for both supporting the cause and the birthday wishes. I'm excited to hear you chose the bag. I hope you love it.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter--teendom is a big, big thing :)

  • Patricia Caspers

    I just ordered the messenger bag!
    EVF, your birthday is the day after my daughter's. She's a teen today. Shew. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Deborah, I have no suggestions for the post babe belly since nothing fits me rights since I've had my second. I'm just glad there are so many options available.

    My birthday is the 11th. Happy Birthday early from a fellow Aquarius!

    Suzanne, did you find the link? http://www.cafepress.com/MotherWriter

  • Suzanne Barston

    I want one!!! How do I order?

  • Deborah Siegel Writing

    I'm ordering mine today! What will fit best on my post-partum body...?

    Victoria, when's your bday? Mine's Feb 15! So inspired, as ever, by the Mother Writer group. Go, mamas!

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Great to hear. I have to replace a very beloved lost sweatshirt. Thanks, Kelly Jo.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Kelly Jo, how does it look? I won't get mine until next week (just in time for my birthday:) )
    Kamy, thanks for supporting us and giving us the space to play!

  • Kamy Wicoff Brainstorming

    Super cool. I am ordering my t-shirt now! So impressed with the initiative and the passion of the Mother Writers here. My two little boys will be so proud when they see me wearing new duds...thank you for everything, as always. :)