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Written by
Julie Mihaly
January 2010
Written by
Julie Mihaly
January 2010
Not so long ago I found myself reading a More magazine article on how to camouflage varicose veins. I perused the writer's recommendations, studied the how-to photos carefully, and realized that short of keeping a small Third World child in a closet for the express purpose of painting concealer on the backs of my calves, there was no way for me to hide the evidence of too many years of waitressing and genetic misfortune. Suddenly I was pissed— not because I care so much about the backs of my legs, but because I was all at once aware of the fact that no one has ever bothered to make a magazine for the "mature" person that is me. "Why," I thought, "is it that no one has published a mag that speaks to the irreverent, curious, 56-year-old, creaky-kneed, horny-cum-hormonal, practical, funny, and ridiculously young-at-heart human that is moi?" I felt like the ultimate black sheep and unloved child rolled into on old-fart tortilla. And after 28 years of working as a writer, photo editor and researcher, stylist, and craft editor at magazines ranging from Vanity Fair to In Style, Martha Stewart Living to Budget Living, Oprah at Home to Garden Design, GoodHousekeeping.com to Spy, Reader's Digest to Entertainment Weekly, I knew the mindset of the folks at Conde Nast, Hearst,and Meredith well enough to imagine their reasons for thinking me unworthy of their paper. Their litany of disqualifying traits ran something like this: "Too old to generate ad pages" (this despite the fact that Baby Boomers possess $2.1 trillion of annual buying power!); "They're going to die in a couple, three decades anyway" (man, you can make a lot of money in 20-30 years, and last I heard scientists are still working on that funky how-to-prolong life crap); "Boring, dowdy, humorless, not worth the trouble" (someone obviously has no idea what we were up to in the 60s and 70s....). You get the gist. And that's when I came up with the idea for Boom Underground. I figured that if no one else was willing to produce the magazine that I most want to read, I might as well do it myself. Three months and one copy of HTML for Dummies later the magazine of my dreams is still a work in progress— which is where you come in. I've managed to generate half of Boom Underground.com's intended content myself, and though I have much more in the process of being researched and written, I'm desperately hungry for other voices and more than a little pooped. So... I hope you'll visit the site and take a look at the submission guidelines (click on the typewriter at the lower right of the home page) www.BoomUnderground.com Here's to "talkin' 'bout my generation, " and all best!- Julie Mihaly Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director, Gopher, Janitrix of BoomUnderground.com

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  • Hi Julie,

    I would love to be a part of your new magazine. It sounds wonderful and cleaver, funny.
    And thank you again for the wonderful words of encouragement and exposure for my video. Together we can change the world. One great idea at a time.
    I am proud of you too.