Giveaway: Kitchen Care Package from Japan
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! - Children's Proverb
One of the hardest things to teach children is to try again when they've failed their first attempts at doing something. Failure is often met with tears and protests. Tying shoes, snapping fingers, blowing bubblegum bubbles, riding a two-wheeler without training wheels, and learning the nines-family in multiplication are some of the recent examples that come to mind. How exciting it is, though, when a child finally succeeds! They are so excited, they want to keep getting it right over and over and over..... well, you know what it's like to hear a kid whistling the same prolonged note until you have to politely ask them to go outside and see if the birds can understand their new skill :) Making tamagoyaki, a sweet, rolled Japanese style omelet used for breakfasts and bento, is a skill I haven't mastered yet. I haven't attempted enough times to be comfortable making it for guests, but I'll get there! I always seem to get impatient and turn the burner up too high when I make eggs. Representing perseverance in this month's five-item giveaway is the bane of my existence : a 18x12 cm makiyakinabe or the "roll-bake-pan". These deceptively cute little pans are coveted by Japanese foodies as they prove to be tricky to find in the States. This one is coated with a dark, non-stick coating. I'm also including a two-set pack of 33cm bamboo Japanese Kitchen chopsticks, two floral linen pot gloves and an adorable cotton pocket apron. At least you'll look cute while you flop... I mean flip.... those omelets! (I'm not bitter.... really!) To enter, in the comments of THE ORIGINAL POST ON SARAHJOYALBRECHT.COM, please leave a story about perseverance or thoughts on encouraging others to keep trying when they feel like giving up. My hope is that this giveaway will help others to keep trying whatever it is they are working on, be it making new food, learning a language, trying to pass an important test, getting published or even persevering in grace through a difficult relationship.
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  • Please leave your comment at and complete bonus entries by 9PM EST, February 3, 2010. The winner will need to provide their mother’s maiden name, social security number, and a valid US credit card number + three digit secret code. JUST KIDDING! I will, however, need their name and mailing address which will be kept strictly confidential. If they’re agreeable, I’d like to interview the winner and feature them in a future post. I would consider including links in the post to the winner’s blog, favorite cause, home business, etc. Winning contestants may not enter my subsequent monthly giveaway contests for a year following their win. In other words, if you win in February, 2010, you cannot enter again until February, 2011. From Christine, last month's giveaway winner: Thank you, so much, Sarah, for the origami paper and books! We are having a blast with it. I am so glad that you included book number one because that is about as advanced as my origami skills are. ;) Maybe one day I will advance to book #6. Thank you, again, so much for the great fun you sent us and for praying for my baby! I hope you are having a blessed day!

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