Satans Claus

The devils biggest deception is to trick you into a world of doubt
Taking what you know to be true and turning it inside out

Questioning the word of God is where he wants the confusion to start
From there he can twist your mind and what use to be sin has now become art

What use to be hate, is now white power and black pride
What use to be laziness, is now known as a free ride

What use to be righteous, is now known as a goodie two shoes
What use to be murder, is now every women’s right to choose

What use to be stealing, is now called a chapter seven
What use to be immorality, is now a small piece of heaven

What use to be discipline, is now called child abuse
What use to be a whore, is now just a little loose

What use to be a superstar, is now an American idol
What use to be prostitution, is now her only means of survival

What use to be a lie, is now a great imagination
What use to be rage, is now called frustration

What use to be homosexuality, is now a same sex mate
What use to be drug and alcohol abuse, is now know as a dependency trait

Satan has the ability to make things sound good when the words get rearranged
But the sin itself is still the same and has never changed

Call it whatever you want, no matter what you give its title
The truth is, if it goes against Gods word don’t doubt the Bible

Kelli Smith

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  • KB Walker

    Hi Kelli. Very perceptive poem. Have you read Joanna Weaver's book, Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World? If not, I think you'd like it.