For 2010 Less Is More: Public Appearances and Plot Points
After readings, multi author book events and lectures, I realized I had done all I could for my slim volume of poems. Though being out and about was fun, it was more time consuming than I had imagined. Audiences varied from 1 to 80 and in their psychology. But, now, looking at the pile of remaindered books in the corner of my bedroom, I know it is time to simply start giving them away and move on. I was stuck in promotion mode too long and had not been writing. I decide to start by reading a friend's draft as promised--a plot script for a children's book. While that is not my area, her plot and her questions about it taught me somthing. She was limited to 400 words; her illustrations were to do the rest. As I read the script through, it struck me how complete her story was in that small space, granted she was freed from description, but she had all the plot points she needed, about 4 in all. Looking down the length of 2010, I look forward to the hermit pleasures of writing and deleting those unneccesary plot points--even if they were fun to write. It's obvious, isn't it; but it took a children's story to remind me. Catherine Evans Latta

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