Altered at the Altar
Altered at the Altar My patience was too short My anger was too long My mouth wouldn’t stay zipped So words came out wrong My pride needed to be tucked in Forgiveness needed to be let out My mind needed to be renewed To restore my faith and rid my doubt My temper was too high My self-esteem was way too low So I went to the altar And God pulled out his needle an began to sew He hemmed my anger And gave me patience to endure He fixed my zipper Now all my words are righteous and pure He cut off the extras And made more room in my heart Now I am not perfect But I am defiantly set apart So if your life is upside down And you’re splitting at the seam Go get altered at the altar That’s where I found myself redeemed By Kelli Smith

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  • Kelli Yevette Smith

    Thank you so much for the kind words. I can tell that one of your gifts is encouragement.. after I read your emails I always feel like a Million bucks, Thank you so much. I have decided to walk the curb and stop looking at my feet, I am relying on God to lead me! Thanks for your Testimony, it will be a guide I intend to follow through out 2010!!!

  • C. Ford

    Bravo! Absolutely fantastic!!!! You see, your voice is heard when you open your heart and mouth to SPEAK. Excellent work. Remember one step at a time is all it takes to get us to where we are going / supposed to be. Keep up the good work and celebrate WHO YOU ARE, who GOD created you to be, and the gifts that He has planted in you. You have value, meaning, and purpose--- so with that in mind, toss out the fear and self-doubt like old newspapers. I am clapping for you and with you.

    Oh, THANKS for stopping in at my blog as well, posting a comment, and becoming a follower. Much appreciation to you. Have a great day and this is going to be an Outstanding, Favorable YEAR / Decade for you. Greater things are yet to come.


  • Virginia Hinchey

    Amen and amen.