My 2009 Coping Lessons
Written by
Esri Rose
January 2010
Written by
Esri Rose
January 2010
1) Bad press. Taste is subjective, a critic's job is to criticize, blah, blah, blah. When all else fails, count their spelling, grammar and logic errors and believe that you're smarter than these people. 2) Your promotion efforts fail, costing you time and money. A seminar on promotion also costs time and money. Think of it as a learning experience, and remember, it might have worked. Final sop to your wounded self: There are two endeavors you never hear referred to as "science" -- marketing and gambling. 3) Your incredible, high-concept idea did not light a fire under publishers, readers or the press. It wasn't good enough, or you didn't get lucky. Focus on the luck aspect, but try to do better. 4) You're not making any money. A job makes money. A vocation makes you crazy, which is why religions use the term. Go back to thinking of writing as a hobby. Hobbies are fun. 5) Your writing friends are more successful than you. Be glad someone is keeping the publishing industry alive. 6) Focus on the good stuff. I got published. I learned a lot. I'm still learning. I have the luxury of putting my ideas out there, and that's a big deal.

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  • Rosemary Harris

    I agree with Julie (btw, hi Julie!) you have to think positive and have a good attitude. You've been published - that puts you in a very small minority. Every time I start thinking "...and why am I doing this again??" I remind myself that most of time it's a lot of fun. This is my first time on She Writes..nice to see some familiar faces here.

  • Julie Compton

    I like your attitude!


    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa, thanks for being an advocate for down-trodden writers.
    Martha Tucker

  • Esri Rose

    Ha! That works. I have my spouse read it first and tell me if it's safe.

  • Tracey H. Kitts

    Very good things to remember and very true:) For #1 I also take a Xanax if the review is bad enough. ILMAO. But that's just me.