5 "Writes" of 2009
Written by
Mardi Link
January 2010
Written by
Mardi Link
January 2010
I did A LOT of things wrong in 2009 (Switching to decaf? My bad.), but a few things right. Here's to more of the latter and less of the former. 1. Collaborate. When my second true crime book, Isadore's Secret was released, I decided I didn't want to go the promotion route alone. Contrary to popular wisdom that other crime authors are my competition, I invited two to go on a library book tour with me. "Murder Takes a Road Trip" visited 15 libraries in Michigan and we were invited to be the guest speakers at an event that raised more that $15,000 for a public library foundation. We had a lot of fun, but also sold a lot of books, and by partnering with other writers each of us gained new audiences. We're planning a "Murder Takes A(nother) Road Trip" in summer 2010. 2. Sooner is Better. Do it Now. You may have to fight against it, but being a writer and being a procrastinator do not have to hold hands. Really, they don't even really LIKE each other much. If you get an idea, and it's not convenient to write about right now, take five minutes to jot it down. Keep a file of these "now's" and re-visit regularly before you lose the moment of insight. 3. Write Your Beliefs. My beloved state of Michigan is facing some serious financial difficulties. We all have to pull together to solve our state's problems. But when the Governor wanted to close the State Library, I had to speak out. An email pleading for library support made the rounds and ultimately netted an Op-Ed in a Sunday edition of The Detroit Free Press, helped spark conversation among lawmakers, and canceled the closure. 4. Think Broad. No, I'm not talking about the likes of husky-voiced, rocket-bra-wearing women of old, but rather the reach of your writing. The difference between a story (that can mean fiction, non-fiction, poetry even) that lives on and one that just takes a short breath and fades is tying our experiences to the larger world. Our writing is a portal, but we have to reach out sometimes, and not always just reach in. 5. Cultivate Joy. That's why we write in the first place, right. Loose that, and there's not much left. Words are joy; images are joy; inspiring emotion in a reader is joy. Happy New Year!

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  • Lindsay Price

    What a fantastic idea to team up with other writers for a tour!

  • Esri Rose

    Good reminders. Thanks!