Everything I learned about blogging I learned on She Writes
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
December 2009
Written by
E Victoria Flynn
December 2009
I only just started blogging in July of '09 and didn't know a thing about what I was doing. Though it was easy enough to convince myself I was writing to the air because, being the confidant writer I am, I knew nobody would read a word. One quiet, down-trodden night I reduced myself to googling my sad, little blog, and finding nil I padded around the internet in pajamas and bare feet trying not to make my presence known. I don't know whose room I ended up in, but saw a note taped to the door with the words “She Writes” written on it. Why not? I thought, there is nothing to lose here. With just an infant of a blog and a few articles stashed away on Helium.com I was awarded entry to this inexhaustible world. And what do you know—I found that prodigious group Bloggers: Let's make it work. Now, really I intended to fly under the radar. At the same time, I had a blog and I wanted to make something of it. I needed help. After posting my first discussion topic and having a couple comments pop up on how I could improve what I was doing, I wanted more. Soon I was blogging, and chatting, and friending all over the place. I'm convinced that without She Writes I would have quit this blogging business months ago because how would I have known how to attract readers, or why Twitter helps, or even what turns people off when reading a post? Of course I could have found that information, but not as quickly nor with as much apt support. One blog quickly gave way to another as my inability to fly under the radar gave way to much greater participation on She Writes. What I have learned about blogging and writing in general has been vast, but I will take this opportunity to highlight the 5 things that have helped the most thus far. 1.Make Friends, Read Their Blogs and Comment: From my first She Writes friend (who still frequents my blog) to the amazing relationships that are being tended on this virtual space, the help I have received has been immeasurable. I hope I am able to give a fraction of that back to the community. 2.Take showers or go to sleep: Apparently my muse likes to be clean and well rested. I've learned that there are times it's best just to walk away and let it ferment. 3.Use Twitter: I had no idea how useful Twitter could be to a writer. It can be tricky (and a little weird) to get the hang of, but well worth the effort. 4.Be Honest, Say Something and Ask for Response: Readers are spending their time. Give them something and ask for their thoughts. Create a dialogue. 5.Commit: My #1 goal for 2010—a blog schedule. I'm haphazard. It doesn't invite readers. And though it goes without saying—Write Hard. Die Free.

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  • Dawne E. Knobbe

    good info need to get blog savvy myself.

  • Thanks for the follow. I will certainly be following you as well :-)

  • E Victoria Flynn


    Thank you. You're right on all counts. I've discovered blogging is an amazing, ever-expanding community and the more you are willing to help others the more they are willing to help you. By the way, I'm following you on Twitter :)

  • Useful pointers; thanks for sharing. Visiting other blogs and commenting is a great way to increase traffic to your own blog. I've been blogging for over a year, and I'm always amazed when new names pop up in the comment box. One thing I use Twitter for is to announce when I have a new blog post and I do think that does draw new readers.

  • E Victoria Flynn

    Thank you, Kelly Jo! I'll be looking to see what you're doing. Keep me and Mother Writer! posted. :)

  • E Victoria Flynn


    I won't say it again. *whispers* twitter

  • E Victoria Flynn


    Sorry this took me so long. What a year so far. Are you currently on Twitter? I find it to be something I have a hard time explaining as it took me a long time to grasp. She Writes had a webinar a while back called Twitter for writers. You may be interested in the download. I haven't heard it, but I'm sure it is full of more information than I have.

    One thing I did learn is to follow the right people, that is, the people who are going to give you either the most useful, or most entertaining information, depending on what you're looking for. If you would like some suggestions on a few good industry people to follow I'd be happy to offer a few names.

    On a side note, when I first signed up I did a Google search for Twitter info and found some good tips on various techy blogs.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!