What I've Learned About Blogging in 2009
Written by
Katherine Jenkins
December 2009
Written by
Katherine Jenkins
December 2009
1. I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY! 2. PEOPLE ARE LISTENING, SHARING AND COMMENTING 3. SHARING AND COLLABORATING WITH OTHER AUTHORS IS INSPIRING AND CREATES LOTS OF ENERGY (check out http://www.writersrising.blogspot.com/) 4. CHASING AFTER SUCCESS BY BLOGGING OR WRITING ONLY BRINGS DISAPPOINTMENT 5. SUCCESS IS BLOGGING/WRITING BECAUSE YOU LIKE IT (If you like it, you will find that others do too. This energy is contagious) Check out my two blogs: http://lessonsfromthemonkimarried.blogspot.com/ http://writersrising.blogspot.com/ PS: If you'd like to be an author on the blog Writers Rising, please contact me. Thanks!! Happy New Year!!

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