Need A Blog? Like a Hole in the Head.
Written by
Debby Carroll
December 2009
Written by
Debby Carroll
December 2009
I figure the world needs another blog like a hole in the head. (Something my mother used to say..well not the blog part, but definitely the hole in the head part). But, here's the thing. In the 90s, I had two parenting books published. You've never heard of me so you can see how well they sold. I had a great agent who somehow managed to sell both of those despite the poor sales of the first one. Then I stopped writing books because I didn't have anything else to say. Now, I think I have something. Or, rather, I think that together my three grown daughters and I can share something worthwhile, entertaining and maybe even helpful. But my great agent (now retired but she's coaching me) says that these days, one needs a "platform" before one gets published. It was so much easier when all one needed was a connected agent who had big clients and lots of influence. So, blogs are us. (please look at mine at and if you and everyone you've ever met in your life hits it every day, by 2031, I should have enough of a following to attract a publisher. Of course, I'll be in a "home" by then and unlikely to still be able to type but I'll worry about that later. However, the good news is that I've been reading a lot of blogs, mostly by women and they are fantastic. That's also the bad news. One, this is now taking up a huge portion of my "writing" time. And, two, there are a lot of wonderful writers out there so what chance does my book/blog actually have? But, it's fun so far and my daughters and I are enjoying working on this project together, so I guess it's all good.

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  • Jan Vallone

    Hi Debby--My second message to you today: This post made me laugh. I identified strongly with it. Yes, there are a lot of us writing, but it doesn't mean you won't succeed. Now I'll go check out your blog.

  • Debby Carroll

    Wow, thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you like the blog. Please tell everyone you know! :)

  • I love your platform. So many wonderful things can follow when Mother's raise amazing daughters. Yes,I will follow, read, and comment. You are inspiring.
    You go Mom,