absolutely gorgeous
Written by
Amy Ferris
November 2009
Written by
Amy Ferris
November 2009
as i scroll and scroll through all the SHE WRITES books, i am in complete and utter awe. how gorgeous and rich and inspiring and powerful and poignant and moving and brilliant and stunning and encouraging and enlightening and ... i am in such awe of all of us, each of us who write and create and share and open our souls and hearts and share our pain and sorrow and happiness and wisdom and joy and creativity; and create magic with our words. i am in awe. i have bought a basketful and plan to donate them to SAFE HAVEN so that other women can have their hearts and souls nurtured. i am so deeply inspired by you kamy wickoff. deeply. thank you for this gift of proving yet again the power of women. amy ferris

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    Amy! You made me cry! Having the time of my life today. Really. Now to keep it going, and see what all we can do. I have high hopes. Thank you for being here.