I am purchasing books by shewrites authors today from Amazon
I support today's efforts by our shewrites members to support each other and demonstrate to Publishers Weekly and the publishing world that there is an audience and support for women authors. As a mother/author, I have been playing nursemaid to my daughter, who has been home with the flu all week (do the Publishers Weekly winning authors juggle childcare issues? I don't want to make assumptions, I'm just asking . . .). As a result, I have a list of approx. 15 books by shewrites authors that I intend to order from Amazon.com today. I had already purchased and am now reading Hope Edelman's "The Possibility of Everything," and my purchases include Amy Sohn's "Prospect Park West" and Kate Christensen's "Trouble," to name a couple. I was not so inclined to include a photo of myself sitting at my computer ordering the books, b/c my nursemaid-in-old-sweatpants-and-eyeglasses-not-contacts look is not one I desire to record for posterity. So I uploaded onto my page a makeshift collage of myself with a few of my selected titles.

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  • jessica handler

    Buy 'em from IndieBound, too! Thanks for supporting women authors.