Marketing in the Digital Age
I attended the subject webinar yesterday, sponsored by Digital Book World. Since I'm knee-deep in promoting my new novel, "Husbands May Come and Go but Friends are Forever, I was quite interested in the topic. The panel included Jane Friedman, Publisher & Editorial Director, Writer's Digest, Diana Vilibert, Web Editor, Marie Clair, Dan Blank, Director of Content, Reed Business Information, and Patrick Boegal, Director of Media Integration, Media Logic. The highlights follow: 1) If you blog, be sure to use your personality. Posts should be either entertaining or useful (i.e. non-fiction). 2) Bloggers should post two times a week and be consistent. 3) Book store owners check out blogs. 4) Use analytics (even the free ones from Google) to determine your ROI for blogging. 5) Facebook offers an "incredible opportunity with fan pages." 6) Twitter is becoming more powerful every day. Writer's Digest requires each editor to participate on Twitter. Authors should be use it, along with Facebook to build an audience. As much as we authors hate to take time away from our writing, being involved in social media is a must. Deal with it! BTW, I hope this post was useful, if not entertaining.

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