About that healthcare reform bill in the House...
Written by
Deborah Grabien
November 2009
Written by
Deborah Grabien
November 2009
Haven't posted much on politics recently, mostly because there's been no point: the die-hards on both sides, whether the right-wing whackaloons or the "change and improvement are synonyms" folks, aren't changing their position. My own's been straight out front, nice and clear: both sides scare me, because I think both sides are living in some BS trance denial fairyland. So, the House has now passed the health care reform package. And here's a question for anyone reading this, anyone at all: They passed it with the Stupak Amendment. Which basically means women's reproductive rights have just been set back forty years. How do you all feel about that? See, at this point, I could very easily sit back and shrug: Been listening to otherwise intelligent women under the age of forty tell me, for the past two years, that feminism is a dead issue because it's no longer needed, it's all about race, chaaange! I could just roll my eyes and think screw it, I spent decades fighting for the rights of women who would be around long after I was gone to choose if and when they had children. I mean, what the hell, I'm 55 years old and hors de combat on the likelihood of needing to exercise my reproductive rights. I said, during the primaries, that the attitude was likely to produce the need for women younger than I am to have to fight for their own reproductive rights. I also said I was hoping they'd prove me wrong about that, from Obama on down. Not looking too good for that one, this morning. So, should I just sit back and say, fine, you were all clamouring for this, you've got it, have a good time with it, see you kxthx byebye? I'd love to, but I can't. That One Point Two TRILLION dollars is coming from - where? My pocket. Which, thanks to a moribund economy and a "jobless recovery", is definitively empty and looks to be empty for, possibly, as much time as I've got left. I've already contributed to a trillion-dollar bank bailout, which got paid back to the government by some of the recipients without interest, by the simple expedient of robbing Deb to pay Timmy Geithner: Citicard raised our interest rates from 14.2% to 30.2%, raising our monthly from $58 to $260 a month, which of course we couldn't pay, because, see above: jobless recovery. Your taxes at work, circle-jerk style. So, as much as I want to shrug it off, and let other women fight for their own reproductive rights, the rights they just lost the first chunk of because they got complacent, I can't afford to. This health care plan is being funded with money that, in the end, will come partly from me. And the Stupak amendment means that reproductive rights won't be covered. Got change? Excuses? Hope? Not at the moment, no.

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  • Teri D McClanahan

    I hate to to be the stick in the mud, but coming from my perspective - it's all about white men, and anyone - male or female - that does not fall in that category has to suffer the consequences. So I see it as a race and gender thing. And as things evolve - their numbers diminish - it will get even crazier. Its about survival, and trust me, they intend to count each and everyone of those little sperms that spew from their penis'. If it were really about the right to life and quality of life, then we'd address the lives of the fatherless, parent-less, homeless children in this country. And why aren't we taking care of the women that have to deliver these babies with no health care? Why is there even a quiverfull campaign? What's really going on here? It's never as simple as we think, and we really need to think this through. It all reads like the Hand Maids Tale to me! Scary stuff! The really sad part of this is that it will drive women back into the alleys and to quack Drs. to get . abortions. Women have always chosen and will continue to do so, it will just be harder and more lethal. OK, so I'll get off my soap box for today.

  • Deborah Grabien

    Lori, Digby nailed it - Digby usually does. "Sticking it to the pro-choicers" is the perfect phrase.