Once upon a time.
Written by
Amber H.W.
November 2009
Written by
Amber H.W.
November 2009
I fell asleep dreaming of a memory that took place days stacked upon days ago. A fabricated wish of what happiness was to be. Conviction flowed through my veins, no matter the words of the naysayers, I knew it to be true. Truly a day dream Truly a hopeless hope. It was a fleeting glimpse of perfect that I was fighting for, fighting everyday fighting until I fell teary eyed to my knees. I could not, Choices. I chose to abandon for the sake of mental states and heart aches. I chose to turn and face the consequences of my naivete, I chose to run, and run and run until apathy ate me in one big bite. The day that perfect shattered at my feet like a million shards of glass, I knew that there were no such things as fairy-tales

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