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Five Thousand. WOO HOO!
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
November 2009
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
November 2009

Today we hit a significant milestone -- a few hours ago I welcomed Zeba Kahn -- who is a finalist along with fellow She Writer Courtney E. Martin for the Washington Post's America's Next Great Pundit competition -- as she became She Writes member 5000.

We've done it in just over four months. We are from all fifty states and more than thirty countries, including Zimbabwe, Iran and the Ukraine. We are an indie publisher from Nigeria trying to raise the profile of women's writing in a country where it is rarely heard, we are Aussie She Writers, we are writers connecting with each other in Virgina, we are professional, we are passionate, and we are powerful.

What can 5000 She Writers do? We can share our writing.

To date, there are 843 blog posts on She Writes, most recently by founding She Writes member Heather Hewett (who is looking for contributors to her Global Mama column on Girl W Pen) and the unstoppable blogging group started by Laura Didyk has 572 members sharing news, tips, and ideas with each other, coming together in a place of mutual support. The groups on this site amaze me -- regional groups, groups for every imaginable genre, groups that share writing actively here on She Writes.

If you haven't joined one, do it now! And if you don't find the group you wish were here, please join the leaders on our site who have founded groups themselves -- and don't forget to tell me and Wilson Sherwin, our Community Manager, all about it. We can share our knowledge. As I write this, rockstar New York literary agents and fellow She Writers Erin Hosier and Betsy Lerner are doing a live webinar for our membership, Literary Agents 101 (available for download later today), and in a few weeks Courtney E. Martin, one of the founders of the hugely successful blog Feministing, will provide guidance, insight and tools in her webinar Blogging for Writers.

On the Marketing and Promotion group, started by the NYT bestseller Hope Edelman (if you missed her eye-opening and beautifully written "Countdown to Publication" diary, click here to catch up), 370 women are discussing the best, most innovative ways to spread the word about their work. If you have not commented on a discussion thread lately, find one you can contribute to. If you have a question you think another writer can answer, ask it.

We are banking on the idea that while each of us alone may struggle to master the overwhelming art that has become writing and publishing, sharing our knowledge as a community can make the process easier. With the power of the Ning platform (She Writes is a Ning network), we can also share videos, events, music, photos and podcasts. We can also share She Writes with our fellow women writers, inviting them warmly into this rapidly expanding network.

These last few months have been quite a ride. I have seen the depth and breadth of the need for a place like this. I have felt buoyed and inspired by countless She Writes Moments: women finding each other here and supporting each other actively in ways I never imagined possible. I have learned a ***load about the internet (I was afraid of Facebook only months ago) and about the enormous challenges, and unexpected rewards, of starting something new. But in the midst of all the learning and growing I've been doing since our launch, I have not been writing and posting here nearly as much as I should. (Please don't even look at how long it's been since my last post!!!) That is going to change now -- I will be posting and tweeting and sharing what I am learning as often and as loudly as I possibly can, doing my job as the founder of this community and, better yet, doing what I truly love to do: support women writers at every stage of their writing lives.

More soon...and thank you for making She Writes one of the freshest, most talked about and richest new resources for women writers in the country, and dare I say, the world.

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  • Ginger McKnight-Chavers

    Just approved & welcomed 27 new shewriters - did 23 and before I could complete them, 4 more requests appeared. You have definitely started a movement. And I think we'll be adding Judith Aidoo as a member soon - just had an email exchange with her and sent her an invite. Will post my list of shewriter-authored books I plan to purchase/support on the 13th. BTW, I am greatly enjoying Hope Edelman's new book and have recommended it to my book club and two other friends' book clubs.

  • James Benedict

    Congratulations Kamy!
    Great job :-)



  • Julie Jeffs

    Another milestone ... I just welcomed Patricia Robertson to the Bloggers Let's Make It Work group ... our 600th member!! Wouldn't have happened without all your hard work Kamy, thank you!

  • AnĂ¡nda Creative

    Brava, brava! Yes you can dare to say 'the world' I have recently started to write and am delighted to have found "She Writes" I am inspired and encouraged with the knowledge and information that I have found here. I look forward to making stronger connections and publishing my first book!

    Ancora brava da Italia

  • Marti Rulli

    This site is wonderful. I belong to a few groups here and have followed many messages posted. I've learned a lot and am happy to be part of such a force in this industry. 5,000 is a huge number.

  • Jennifer Lauck

    Far out! Great work Kamy, wonderful vision. I'm so happy to be here and tell every woman I know! Go go go.

  • Beth Arky

    Wow, Kamy. Congrats!!! I and 4,999 other women writers thank you for creating such a wonderful place for us. Beth

  • Rebecca Rodskog

    Kamy, congratulations and thank you for all your work in putting together this community of amazing, amazing, amazing women. To your growth, eternally, Becky