Small Publishing Groups: Yeah!
Written by
Kim Chernin
October 2009
Written by
Kim Chernin
October 2009
Jennifer, congratulations on your book and your publishing house. I support your thinking and your ideas whole-heartedly. Some years ago, a few friends and I started a collective publishing effort we called EdgeWork Books. The cost then of producing the books made them terribly expensive. They did sell, just not enough to cover our expenses. In the first year we put out ten books! With this experience behind me, I am interested in with what you are doing. The whole publishing world has changed, as you say; at today's prices of book production we would have done very well. I think we, in our endeavor, were a bit ahead of the times. So then, if the times have caught up with us, this is certainly the way to go! About self-publishing: no one seems to remember that Virginia Woolf was "self-published." She and Leonard started Hogarth in order to publish Virginia. Not a bad example, is it? I'm quite sure no one ever thought of Virginia Woolf as self-publishing her odd and amazing books... Best, Kim Chernin

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  • Kim Chernin

    Jennifer, I don't see that it's a lot of effort to determine that a book is of a certain quality. One needs an editorial board...maybe three people, of slightly different backgrounds, who discuss and give an opinion on the book. At EdgeWork the writers involved would read the submissions, but finally it was up to I think three people to make a decision. When you get three people agreeing you have a good basis for deciding...

  • Renate Stendhal

    So true! We often don't think either that Gertrude Stein never got anything published unless she arranged and payed for it herself. Alice even created a publishing company in 1930 just to get Gertrude's books out. It was called Plain Edition and Gertrude had to sell Picasso's "Woman With a Fan" to pay for the adventure. Three years later, she managed to publish "The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas" in New York. Still, by the time she died, in 1946, only the tip of the iceberg of her 600-some titles had been published. What would Gertrude and Alice have done today with POD?

  • Jennifer Dinn Korman

    Thank you! EdgeWork would find a much more hospitable environment now for production. I am happy to share all that I have learned and am still learning. I think the biggest challenge is that there are so many independent authors out there, that it takes some effort to establish that a book is of a certain quality. But given the power of social networking, I am convinced that good works will stand on their own, and slowly but surely can gain a reasonable audience if there is a market for their subject...Only time will tell if I am right!