It's My Pub Date!!
Written by
Monica Holloway
October 2009
Written by
Monica Holloway
October 2009
“It’s My Pub Date” By Monica Holloway Today, my memoir COWBOY & WILLS hits bookstores. I’m writing this with two fingers. Five days ago, I managed to shut my hand in my car door—my right hand—my book-signing hand, and break it. The car was somehow able to lock and I dangled by my right hand while trying to pick the keys up off the pavement with my left. Two ladies, who worked at the donut shop across the street, witnessed the scene and came running with a metal bucket filled with ice and a $2.00 off coupon. Not a donut, mind you, a coupon. “Why,” I pondered, as I sat in the emergency room at Saint Johns Hospital in Santa Monica, “would I break my book-signing hand only five days before my month-long book signing spree was to begin? Did I dislike myself? Did I want to make maintaining my personal hygiene about the most difficult task in the world? Was I hoping to distract myself (and others) from the book launch?” As my hand, cartoon-like in its flatness, swelled to resemble Mickey Mouse’s oversized white glove, I worried, I pondered and even shook my head in disgust. What could possibly have caused such a thing to happen? I finally turned to my older sister, who had driven me to the hospital, and expressed with bewilderment, “Why now?” And she, being very different from me, came up with the answer rather quickly, “It was an accident.” I held back my disappointment—my alarm, even. An accident? Some higher power wasn’t speaking directly to me? I hadn’t experienced some kind of karmic kick in the ass? As THE OFFICE played out on the TV in the “Fast Track” waiting room, I silently retraced the events of the day. I woke up at 6:15 and worried about book sales. Then I got my son Wills some cereal (Rise Krispies mixed with Cheerios) and worried about book sales. It was, I noticed on the calendar right beside the kitchen sink, finally October—October 1st to be exact—the October I’d been focusing on since I’d started writing COWBOY & WILLS a year and a half earlier. It wasn’t that I was unaware that October was lurking over the horizon; I just didn’t expect it today. I thought it would be later, when I was feeling all loose and relaxed about book sales. My husband asked how I was, and I snapped, “I am swamped. SWAMPED!” I continued pouring cereal. He fed the dogs. The two of them eventually left for school and work, and I was intent on showering. I even put my washcloth on the bathroom counter and my towel over the top of the shower door. But I HAD to check emails. My God, the book was coming out in FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!! And what about book sales? At 1:00PM, I was still sitting on the couch in my pajamas, the wash cloth on the bathroom sink dry, my armpits wet with sweat. So much to catch up on. Facebook friends were opening plays in Chicago and having birthdays. I sent my book video to three people who were writing back that they couldn’t view it for some reason. I couldn’t bring COWBOY & WILLS up on the Barnes and Noble website. It only came up when I typed in my name, and then I had to scroll WAAAAAY down. I hurriedly emailed Simon & Schuster, “What’s wrong?” I typed. “Is it possible to fix this before the book launch?” Holy crap, it was time to pick up Wills! My buddy! I grabbed my keys and loaded two golden retrievers into the car to head for school. MY GOD, there was a Post It on my dashboard that read “DRY CLEANERS.” I’d promised to pick up Wills’s shirt for Picture Day, which was tomorrow. I drove to Excel Cleaners on Kester Avenue and tried not to worry about the book anymore, sneaking peeks at my iPhone at every red light. Eduardo at Excel’s was happy to see me, handing me Wills’s shirt with a smile. I thanked him and ran, yes, ran back to the car even though I still had twenty minutes to pick up Wills. I opened the back door of my car and hung up the plastic-covered Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt behind the driver’s seat. Just as I swung the door shut with my left hand, I saw that the plastic was going to get caught in the door. I swept up the bottom with my right hand, and boom, the door closed. And locked. On my hand. It was an accident all right, but the entire day had been leading up to it. I made a vow sitting beside my sister at Saint Johns that I would slow down, take a yoga class, not worry so much because this was ridiculous. So now it’s October 6th, and COWBOY & WILLS is out there. I’m sporting a light blue cast and a navy sling. And I did slow down, mostly because I have the cast. I’m showered and my legs are shaved, albeit unevenly. And I wish I hadn’t gotten so worked up. But I did. And all I can do now is pray that the book finds its way. My friends suggested that I have my readers sign my cast when I “sign” (scribble) in their books where I’ll also put a stamp of a golden retriever in a splint that my friend, Marni, had made ASAP! It’s my pub date, and I’m going to the pumpkin patch later this afternoon, and then to dinner with two of my dearest friends. I’m so fortunate and blessed to have a book being published. I am down on my knees grateful. And that’s where I should have started the morning of October 1st. To the gods or the universe or whatever energy connects us all, “Thank you for my life, thank you for this day, and thank you for not letting me ruin this moment, even though I tried so hard.”

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  • Marcia Breece

    Monica - I hope your hand is healing and that you're breathing normally - correct that - normal may be a little fast in your case. The Universe, or whatever you want to call it, has strange ways of reminding us to slow down and be appreciative - yes - it was an accident - and - yes it was a reminder. Thanks for sharing the reminder to us all. Good luck with the book!

  • Congrats Monica, good luck and may God Bless you

  • Susan Wels

    I did the same thing...locked my thumb in my car door. And I was having the same kind of day!

  • Eileen Granfors

    Your book is featured on my blog today! I also linked to a poem about the day we got the diagnosis for my grandson. "Cowboy and Wills" offers so much hope and laughter and awareness. Eileen

  • Kamy Wicoff Brainstorming

    Your writing never fails to make me laugh and also to shine a light on things I need to remember. Thank you for sharing this and for being part of She Writes...
    Wish I could be there to sign that cast!!

  • Eileen Granfors

    FANtastic! e

  • Binnie Klein

    ohmigod publication, that is

  • Binnie Klein

    Congrats on the publiction!

  • Eileen Flanagan

    Congrats and good luck! I have to laugh because my new release is on the Serenity Prayer, which gives me that chance to practice serenity as I deal with the long list of things to do and fluctuating amazon ratings. Will be thinking of you. I think letting people sign your cast is a great idea.

  • Nancy Balbirer

    Congratulations, Monica!!
    Wishing you all the good things and much success with what looks like a WONDERFUL book!!!!