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  • Michelle Cameron's book: The Fruit of her Hands
Michelle Cameron's book: The Fruit of her Hands
Written by
Kim Chernin
September 2009
Written by
Kim Chernin
September 2009
Comment by Kim Chernin 5 hours ago Michelle: I had many responses to your novel as I was reading; I’ll try to catch hold of some of them. I called it “stupendous” because I wanted to express what I think is its level of achievement: high, high, way up there, a really significant book. I think what I loved best was the seamless way in which a personal story, a family story, a Jewish story, a story of the Jewish community and its ways were woven into the larger historic background of the 13th Century. You were able to give a visceral sense of Jewish life, both as family and community, so vivid, so filled with speaking-details, and also to render the threat and insecurity with which these people were constantly living. I think I said already that I loved your main character. I can’t, simply can’t believe that she was invented. In fact, I refuse to believe it and therefore prefer to think that the spirit of this silenced woman from centuries ago found her way to you and through you. Specifics: wonderful dialogue, vivid scenes, tenderness in the relationships between people, a careful observation of the rough edges and difficulties. The book is a page-turner but when I was approaching the end I forced myself to slow down so that I wouldn’t have to leave the world you created. I've been missing that world since I left it. Some scenes I will hold life-long as if from my own lived-experience. Paris and the books. Lincoln and the heart-break. And so many of those luminous domestic scenes…when Shira meets her step-mother and is surprised by who she is. Oh how glad I was! Could go on and on…will end by sending you very hearty congratulations.

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