It's a funny thing about writing...
Written by
Deborah Grabien
September 2009
Written by
Deborah Grabien
September 2009
Writing is very, very peculiar: there you are, just minding your own business, thinking you know the story you're writing, and WHAMMO, here comes something you didn't even know was there, even though you've already written it. And there you are, gawking at the screen, going where in sweet hell did THAT come from, and do the other characters already know about it? Very odd, this writing thing. But in a very nice, very visceral way, it made one of my favourite, and most surprising Kinkaid characters - the inimitable Malcolm "Mac" Sharpe, Blacklight's lead singer - feel like even more of a privilege for me to know. Because I suddenly understood something about him, about what made him the way he is, something that won't make it onto the page yet, because everything the reader sees in the Kinkaids is something my narrator, JP Kinkaid, also sees. And since this is a coming-of-age story arc, and he hasn't quite reached that point of personal evolution, he doesn't know it yet. Right now, only two people really get it: Malcolm Sharpe, and me. I love writing.

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