Is there progress in Israell-Palestine?
Written by
Kim Chernin
August 2009
Written by
Kim Chernin
August 2009
Hello, this is the first blog I've ever written, so I don't yet know the form. I think I just want to go down on record as being quite cynical about the so-called progress that our government seems to be making in stopping the building of settlements in the West Bank. As I've read the media, it is supposed to be important, and a sign of things improving, that no new settlements have been started since March, when the new government was elected. But, as we are also told, the settlements currently in progress are not being stopped. Hmmm....could it be that as soon as these settlements are finished, others will begin? Even, perhaps, others that have been grand-fathered in with these that are presumably in progress? In general, I'm not a cynic; mostly I'm just heartbroken about Israel and Palestine. But I don't like being given false hope and I do want to say that, in this case, I don't believe in it. Kim Chernin

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