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Written by
Kamy Wicoff
August 2009
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
August 2009


We have a plan. Lots of them, actually.

First, however, a very important development for our community. We've decided to make SHE WRITES a public network. More areas of the site will be linkable and viewable to members and nonmembers. Your page, however, and your blogposts, can still be made private (each of you have that option), and are not and will never be "property" of SW. However if you are blogging on the site, and you wish to share your blog with all, and if you have made a SHE WRITES page that will also work as an author page, you can now share that with your readers, too.

ONLY MEMBERS will have the right to participate on SHE WRITES (make pages, post, participate in discussions, upload podcasts and videos, etc.), and ONLY MEMBERS can start and participate in groups. The discussions on groups will be public now, but if you are wish to start a private group on SHE WRITES, simply start a new one and select the "private" option in the set-up process. We think making this change will help us grow, and help all of you to use SHE WRITES as your online home. Let us know what you think.

Another very important development -- the launch, by our new VP of Education Deborah Siegel, of webinars for writers on subjects with which we all NEED HELP. Our first offering is an hour-long live webinar by the woman who wrote the book on Twitter, Sarah Milstein, with an offering especially designed for our members, TWITTER FOR WRITERS.

If you want to know a big part of the secret to the exponential growth of SHE WRITES, look to Twitter. Our international presence is almost exclusively due to the power of that tool, which is enormous. More upcoming webinars to help you make your writing life easier/smarter/more efficient? How To Become a Writing Coach/Consultant, the first in a series we are offering on How To Recession-Proof Your Writing Career. These webinars are a very important part of our vision for SHE WRITES, and we are using all of our knowledge and expertise to vet and select the teachers and writers who will be presenting them.

We hope you'll find them useful, and we REALLY hope you will sign up. Support your career and SHE WRITES, too. :)

I am also going enable the CHAT FUNCTION today on SHE WRITES, which should be fun! We have also added the ability for all of you to upload podcasts to your pages, and I will be doing a series of them starting soon. Let me know if you upload one you are particularly proud of. To get the most out of your page, see this excellent screencast on "Customizing Your Page" by our very own Community Manager Alison Groves. It helped me with some things I hadn't realized yet about the abilities of Ning.

We have had some wonderful writers join us since I last did my salonniere post. One of my favorite writers, Francine Prose is here, and so are the amazing Katha Pollitt, Kathryn Harrison, Kim Chernin, Renate Stendhal, Linda Lowen, Marion Nestle and brand-new-blogger and my friend from way back in the LA days, Sitarah Pendelton, and amazing new members like Ananda Leeke, who I met in Chicago at Blogher. The activity in the groups has been amazing -- try the drop down and browse around. Also lots of new videos and posts from our members, and again I have to thank Laura Didyk for maintaining our SHE WRITES blog roll.

Lastly, we got some great press this past week in's Broadsheet: click here for the Q&A I did with them about SHE WRITES. In the last two weeks I also had coffee with Tina Brown at Blogher (who was most interested in my Blogher roomie Katie Orenstein and her brilliant Op-Ed Project, but I tagged along anyway) and tea with Brenda Marsh, head of author relations at Barnes and Noble, all about SHE WRITES and the amazing possibilities for its future.

We are about to do a redesign of the site -- look for that too in the coming weeks.

Warm best to all


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  • Renate Stendhal

    Hi Kamy and the other technically advanced pals: Here's a question from a slightly challenged She-Writer!
    I noticed this morning that 2 messages that I sent did not register on the main page under Latest Activities. One was to my group Diary to Fiction, the other one was to you. (Only one of those registered on my own page.)
    Is this a glitch or am I mistaken in my impression that all activities on the site would be at least for one moment visible to every member and could be traced? Or is a message only visible to the group it goes to and the participants in that group? Thanks much for elucidating! Renate

  • Carleen

    Hi Kamy, Let me know when you're in Boulder, if it's not too late. Would love to hook up!

  • Catherine Dowman

    This all sounds exciting. I attended Katie Orenstein's session at BlogHer and loved it, can't wait to see the plans unfold.

  • FYI I am reverting back to the way things were before, just for tonight -- we are working on a special solution with the people at Ning so that all of the prexisting groups (founded with the idea that only SHE WRITES members would be able to see them/participate in them) will be private, and from here on out the founders of groups will have the public/private option. A big thank to Ning for helping us find the right middle ground...

  • Ananda Leeke

    WOW Kamy. She Writes Now is growing. I am glad to be a member of such a wonderful community. Thanks for the shout out. Glad you had tea with Tina Brown!

  • Diane Lockward

    Will comments that are made in a currently existing group be made public? Will they show up in, say, Google searches? I don't see an option which allows us to prevent that from happening. That matters more to me than the option of keeping the profile page private or public. I don't mind people from She Writes seeing my comments regardless of whether or not they belong to the group where I made the comments. But I do not want to share my comments with the world. Will it be necessary to start a whole new group in order to keep comments private?

  • Yes, thank you Gina, for explaining in more detail -- I was speaking to changing the basic default, and yes you can still make your pages and your blog posts private. You can also start groups that you make private. We got a lot of feedback from our members, however, that they would like different areas of the site to be more open, and especially that they would like the opportunity to share the work they are doing on SHE WRITES with a larger audience. We are also trying to encourage writers who are shy about joining by letting them see more of what SHE WRITES is about.

    Hope that clears things up further....
    Kamy (not Karny)

  • Jennifer

    I am a member of many blogger groups using this ning format and they almost all have the default option set to public. Since many or most of us are trying to promote our work, the public setting is the most helpful.

  • From a personal perspective, I joined SheWrites with the anticipation of getting guidnace and an audience. My intellectual property rights, like everyone's, are protected by copyright. I don't have a problem with the sire earning "adsense" dollars because eventually I am certain that those "dollars" will be shared with the people who create the content that garners consistent ads.

  • Gina Bianchini

    As a member of She Writes, you have control over who sees your profile. You can set it to just be viewable by friends. That's not changing. You can also control who sees your blog posts. They can be set to public, friends only, or just you.

    What Kamy is talking about is the default options she has as the creator of She Writes. Today she is moderating members before they join and making it private to view anything unless you are a member. I think that she is speaking to that basic default setting changing.

    Hope that helps!

  • Mary E Tyler

    WHOA! Major rights grab, Karny!

    Take your cue from Facebook and Yahoo Groups. Groups should be private unless specifically set as public. Profiles should be "friends only" unless specifically set as public. Individuals, NOT YOU, should have control over what is public and private. I have no desire for my words to be published to the net at large, nor for my full profile to be visible to anyone but the people I count as friends. A very limited partial profile, maybe, but nothing more. My information. My advice. My intellectual property rights. I get to choose.

    If "everything" goes public, I'm outta here. I'm quite willing to share with other members in a private setting, but I'll be damned if my words get published far and wide over the web for SheWrites to make Adsense revenue off. Either this is a publishing platform or it's a networking community. You decide.