Moving and Writing Just Don't Mix
Written by
Shonell Bacon
July 2009
Written by
Shonell Bacon
July 2009
I'm moving to Texas in ... six days and counting. Going to pursue my Ph.D. in technical communication and rhetoric. For a few months, a new screenplay idea has been percolating in my head, and I finally sat to begin outlining the story, but life is getting in the way. There are things to be packed. Family and friends to say goodbye to. Finances to secure. Worries to stress over. Yet my story stays in my head, taunting me, asking, "Don't you still love me?" And I do, which is why I take a moment to at least reread what I've done, try to add a few sentences here and there. But it sucks being in a place where the creativity is there if I could just tap into it...but life must have its say, and right now, it's saying, "Me now. Writing later."

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