Member News Round Up - Week of July 6, 2009
As our membership grows, so does our news! Marilyn Yalom contributed to a discussion on Monday, July 6 at the New York Times Online about "clueless wives" ("The Clueless Wives Club") and would love to know what ya'll think. Pre-publication sales for Marie Gauthier's new chapbook of poems, Hunger All Inside, have begun. Want a taste? You can visit Marie's blog to read a sample poem. Judith D. Schwartz wrote an article in this week's Time magazine called "Tough Times Create Local Currencies," and her book, The Therapist's New Clothes, is now out. Christina Baker Kline's new blog, A Writing Year: Ideas and Inspiration for Writing a Novel, got a great shout out from the book biz website Shelf Awareness this week, and she also learned that the fabulous Alison Larkin will be narrating her new novel, Bird in Hand (pub date August) for the Audible audiobook. Laura Bell's new book, 101 Things You Didn't Learn in Harvard Business School, is now available. Rachael Brownell's first book, Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore: Getting Through the First Year of Sobriety (August 2 pub date), is now up on Amazon. She'll be doing readings in the Bay Area, and hopes she'll get the opportunity to meet some fellow SHE WRITES members there! Jane Hammons' very short story, "Mary Jesus," was just published in Able Muse (Workshops Issue: Summer 2009). Thaisa Frank guest edited the edition, and an audio version of Jane's story can be found right here. Mary Guterson's newest novel, Gone to the Dogs (St. Martin's) was released this week. Pamela Redmond Satran's about-to-be-published book How Not To Act Old was called "as insightful as it is entertaining" in the Wall Street Journal's On Style column this week, by Christina Binkley. The book comes out from Harper Collins August 4. Wendy Withers is pleased to report that after spending the last 26 years preparing and learning, she decided this is the year and wrote her first novel. Soon she'll start shopping for agents. (GO WENDY!) Amy Brill's story about the NYC blackout is included in a new anthology edited by Thomas Beller called Lost and Found: Stories from New York (2) that comes out on August 11. Maria Markham Thompson wrote an article at All Business titled "How Long Should You Keep Financial Statements?" And that's all for now...! Got news? Share it with us in our Member News forum and we will continue to feature highlights each week! Please be sure to include any relevant links. And a technical note: We are working on switching the order of things over there in the forum so that the most recent posts appear on top.....

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