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  • Israel/Palestine: Conflict in Gaza, originally written January 10, 2009
Israel/Palestine: Conflict in Gaza, originally written January 10, 2009
Written by
Savannah P
July 2009
Written by
Savannah P
July 2009
I was driving with my mother today when we came up upon a group of people who were rallying for peace along the road. People were waving US flags and signs with messages and symbols of peace. As we passed the rally my mother honked and smiled. At the end of the group stood a man waving a Palestinian flag with a sign that read "Israel raped Gaza." My mom was outraged (and she might have shouted some choice words). The whole incident lead into an argument I often find myself in among other Jews and family members. There seems to be a general belief that being Jewish means being pro-Israel, and by proxy pro-military. I do not believe in the military, and I do not believe a force based on violence should have anything to do with my spirituality or identity as a Jew. This has created conflict in my relationship to the Jewish community. I often feel alienated because of my beliefs. Being a pacifist is not a selective identity; I do not believe in war, violence or institutions based in such actions. This has nothing to do with "defending my people, or my home as a Jew." All people deserve to be safe and have a home and that includes the Palestinians and those living in Gaza. I do not claim to have the answers, this is indeed a complex conflict with many sides. Any time I try to obtain a perspective, I find it impossible to get information which is free from heavy bias. I do know that people are suffering, and dying which breaks my heart. I wish I could be there in Gaza, or in Israel to help in any way possible.

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  • myriam

    hi, i do agree with u cocncerning people who think that being a jewish is not necessary being a pro israel, and there is an another problem concerning arabics who suffer from discriminations all over the world cos being an arabic doen't mean being a terrorist or spreading the islamic propaganda. These are two big issues to treat.
    Thank u