Of Sex and Men
Statistics prove that men think about sex every 5.3 seconds. Others argue that it's more along the line of 60 to 90 seconds. Regardless of the exact numbers, we can all agree men think about sex ALOT. This means just (lets just say) 90 seconds after the moment of climax, men are already thinking about when and where they're going to get it next. Tell me honestly then, is there any way at all that a woman can entirely fulfill her man? This isn't what disturbs me though. What does, is that females are the ones stereotyped as "high maintenance" or "emotional." Statistically, 40% of all women have hurled footwear at a man. Men, if you had to worry about satisfying your woman every 90 seconds, in a non-sexual way, how would your mood be? I dare you to say you wouldn't be just a little unstable, even occasionally hurling a shoe or two. Yet, we women have to constantly defend the way that we react to your relentless needs. Unfortunately, not a word is spoken of this plain and simple truth before two people are to be married, or, even before they date. All you women out there who aren't aware of the male obsession, beware and be for warned. It will be a life-long struggle, and one with absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel. For you men, cut us some slack. We're trying even if you don't think we are, and chances are you don't. We do not function the same way you do, nor do we think the same way. If we did, we wouldn't give a damn what you wanted and everyone on Earth would continually want without satisfaction, always waiting for the other to instigate and fulfill. I feel for you men, I really do. It must be difficult and frustrating to live in your shoes. Always wanting, never fulfilled, thinking away each day on moments that may never come. If only there was a way to compromise, a way to keep every 90 second desire met, while making the lives of each and every woman in a sexual relationship more about love, kindness, understanding, and giving rather than about your constant, never-ending want of sex. Sex and men are different for everyone. My hope is that during the other 30 seconds of every two minute interval, men think of more important issues. But keep in mind, assuming it took you about five minutes to read this article and you're statistically a "male," you thought about sex over 3 times, if we went with the original statistic of 5.3 seconds, well I don't even want to mention how many times, okay you asked for it: over 56 times! With that said, I suppose I can't be all that hard on men because we all live in the country that provided me with my final statistic: What is the number of Americans who are injured by their toilets every year? The answer is 45,000.

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