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Wonder How your dark lashes veil a sure and tested sounding And, how loon crying, echoes the call of dawn on Okanagan Lake. How a breath of Claire’s freshly washed hair somehow expands my lungs And, how my lips feel, against your unshaven cheek. How the backyard lilac opening, diffuses a heady spring And, summer breaks, under my tongue, with chocolate bits of a dipped DQ cone. And the way I feel, stepping wet from the shower, into your waiting eyes. Lesley-Anne Evans 2009

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  • Lesley-Anne Evans

    A heart felt thank you for your kind words to me.

  • Cindee Snider Re

    The imagery and emotion are breathtaking! Absolutely beautiful!! I agree with Judith, these are "lines to be savored."

  • Jocelyn Chia

    i love how you express your appreciation/experience of little but special things in life. that last phrase is very special... "into your waiting eyes".

  • Judith van Praag

    lines to be savored, bit by bit repetitively.
    Wonderful imagery and accompanying image as well.

  • Bev Murrill

    Wow, that's beautiful... 'into your waiting eyes...', love it.

  • Beth Atchison

    This is simply gorgeous!