Our Very First “Member News Round-Up”
Before officially kicking off this inaugural Member News Round-Up, I’ve got a little piece of news to share myself: Kamy Wicoff, the visionary genius whose idea this site was in the first place, is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Kamy, and thank you for bringing SHE WRITES into the world! I invite the SW community to join me in sending this amazing, talented, generous, creative woman the b-day love. Now, about that Round Up: Amy Ferris launched her new website in conjunction with her forthcoming book, Marrying George Clooney: Confessions from a Midlife Crisis (Seal Press, Fall 2009). Shira Tarrant’s book, Men and Feminism: Seal Studies (also with Seal Press), is hot off the presses. Also on the stands is “Guy Trouble,” Shira’s latest article in Bitch magazine. Michelle Maisto’s forthcoming book, The Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love got a nice shout out at The Daily Beast. Jean Hanff Korelitz is seeking submissions for an anthology of satirical college application essays and would love to see some submissions from SHE WRITES members! For more, see www.funniestcollegeessays.com Member “Syndi” wrote the sketch between the Sesame Street characters which appear ed on a recent PBS concert special, "A Capitol Fourth," at 8pm (:30 TV promo here) – it’s her first work to be broadcast, so be sure to congratulate her! Kellyann Zuzulo’s new e-romance with Sapphire Blue Publishing called The Third Wish, came out June 1st. A prequel promotional will be available for free download next month and is called The Jinni's Curse. Kelly Jo Eldredge and her husband collaborated on “a ghost-writing project of a lifetime” (with credit!) called Second Chance Story, an inspirational story of a father's faith, a mother's strength, and a child's will to live. It’s scheduled to come out around Labor Day. Rebekah Spicuglia launched a survey for noncustodial parents and is hoping to collect info from NC-Mamas&Papas that is useful for her NonCustodial Parent Community-building. Cynthia L. Cooper’s play (which she created and produces) Words of Choice, was performed live on NY's WBAI Radio 95.5 FM last week on the feminist show, Joy of Resistance, hosted by Fran Luck. You can find it archived online for now right here. And finally, Lisa Abeyta has a new article up on authorlink.com titled “Writer Beware: Don't Burn Digital Bridges”, which contains five tips for writers when using social networking sites, be it Twitter, a forum, or other online resources. (Sounds like something we ALL should read!) Got news? Share it with us in our Member News forum and we will continue to feature highlights each week!

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  • Thanks for your feedback, everyone! We will continue with our Member News Round Up each week, so please do keep those updates coming in the Member News forum section--as I see you have been doing this week. YAY!

  • Marie Gauthier

    Happy Birthday, Kamy! And thank you, Deborah -- love to see this!

  • GloriaFeldt

    Happy birthday, Kamy--what a wonderful gift you have given to all of us.

  • Cege Smith

    Happy Birthday Kamy!! It is so inspiring to see all of the wonderful things happening with She Writes members!

  • Rebekah Spicuglia

    Happy birthday Kamy!! And I love this Member roundup, what a great idea!! XoRebekah