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Salonniere (Accent Grave Coming Soon)

Since our launch on Monday June 29th, we have grown exponentially every hour--every minute, it seems--to hit 1000 women writers in the span of only six days.

We are making a new world, and there is some precedent for the six-day creation story; for my part I am REALLY looking forward to my day of rest! Today is also significant as it is Independence Day, in the U.S. at least. (You may want to celebrate by giving a shout out, in the best spirit of American generosity and openness, to our members from Cairo, Istanbul, Australia, Canada and the UK.) SHE WRITES is very much about independence.

Our aim is to aggregate knowledge, experience, wisdom and resources to make the lives of women writers easier; to organize using new media (and old) in ways that empower us in our professional writing lives. In six days we have already begun to make this happen.

We are 1000 strong, with members in 35 states from Alaska to Louisiana, from Nebraska to Maine, and women writing in every genre: fiction, nonfiction, memoir, literary theory, screenwriting, literary criticism, theater, poetry, journalism and blogging. We range in age from 17 to 80. (If you would rather not display your age, btw, you can change it under the "settings" tab on your page -- in response to a question I've gotten more than once this week.) I have lost count of the numbers of books between us, but when we were only 40, I already had 72 books to contend with in designing our banner; now I have more than a thousand, so be patient with us as our tiny team of two works on updating it.

There are 40 groups on the site thus far (THANK YOU to all who started them): women sharing knowledge and inspiration about writing erotica, memoir, fiction and poetry; about marketing and promotion, forming groups based on upcoming pub dates; about editing and food writing and midlife musings; finding each other in Chicago and LA and Maine. Click on our new nifty Twitter Tracker and you can see all the latest Tweets about SHE WRITES.

Cynthia Martin just tweeted (four minutes ago) about our hitting 1001. As of this writing there are 33 blogs on our "blogs" page; I have especially enjoyed reading Carol Jenkins, who is blogging this week for the very first time. Members have uploaded 22 videos: booktrailers like Rachel Lehmann Haupt's; movie trailers like the lovely and deeply moving Who Does She Think She Is; Vid Lit from Liz Dubelman (my favorite so far is Craziest); an excellent talk that the wunderkind publicist Lauren Cerand gave at Penguin Books, and more. Get in there, browse, see what you like, and don't forget to leave comments and feedback for your fellow SHE WRITES authors. One motto for those of you using SHE WRITES: every time you get, remember to give.

Another new feature is the "Member News" tab, where we can all share news about upcoming publications, articles, productions, openings, readings, and other events. And everyone here is able to upload event listings to the SHE WRITES calendar on the left side of the main page. Finally, do take a look at FIVE QUESTIONS FOR... at the bottom of the main page. Nancy K. Miller interviewed the poet and Nation columnist Katha Pollitt this week. Her new collection of poetry, The Mind-Body Problem, is available in our bookstore. Every Monday we will feature a different SHE WRITES pair.

Next up is San Francisco salonniere Marilyn Yalom posing five questions to the memoirist Veronica Chater, author of Waiting for the Apocalypse: A Memoir of Faith & Family. That's it for now. As a salonniere it is my duty to make introductions, facilitate connections, and stir up lots of good talk. If you were here at my place I would also ask you if you wanted sparkling or still water, red or white wine.

I do hope to meet all of you someday, but for now you will just have to pretend, and go get a drink for yourself. :) But do have one on us tonight, and raise a glass to SHE WRITES.

Warm best, and more soon,


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