Help, I'm homeless and without conversation
Okay, so I'm not technically homeless. I am however missing out on a space to call my own of any sort, for writing. Space as in the physical sense as well as in the mental sense. I'm chasing a three year old around by day, exhausted by evening and obliteraed by night (or now so it seems, so excuse my blabbering). I'm writing my first novel, well I've been writing my first novel for what feels like a decade but it's probably been more like five years. I know! I know! that's crazy! I should have had it done by now. I went away, for the first time in my life, to a place for writers to write, a retreat, Wellspring House, in MASS. It was absolutely wonderful! I was there an entire week, completely alone, in silence most often, in a tiny room of my own. It was a dream. The town was beautiful, it was fall and the leaves were turning. I mean a DREAM! I wrote, I read, I slept, I barely ate, don't know why but I didn't need to...I was full of inspiration. I got several pages written, good pages too. At the end I was positive that I would come back home and remain focused and on key with my schedule to finish this book. (((sigh))) Yep, I froze! Got home and now it's been far too long to admit and I haven't touched it. Granted I've written other things and will have an article published in a new online magazine soon...but my beloved novel...sits, waiting, homeless and without conversation.

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  • Veronica Chater

    Woah. Hang in there, Lydia. Don't despair. With three boys of my own, I know how it is. Three year olds and novels are not exactly compatible bedmates. Do what I did. Invest in preschool. Three days a week for a few hours each day is good for both mom and child. Quiet time for you, social interaction for your child. . . and the novel will get written. . . slowly, yes. But it will. . . get. . . . written. . . . trust me.

  • Lori A. May

    Hey Lydia,

    I feel for you. There’s a lot of demand on our time and space, so it’s tough to carve out ‘a room of one’s own.’

    The time you had at Wellspring House seems like a dream. I hope you’re able to find a way to commit to just an hour, or even half an hour, a day for you and your novel. Even at that pace you’ll get moving, giving your literary baby some attention each day. I’m crossing fingers for you.

    I just recently had a big move (from Canada to the US) and some big changes (marriage, new house, new city) and was concerned I would get really behind in writing. Turns out, once the wedding and move was behind me, I am actually writing more now than before. It took me a couple of months to find my groove, but it now seems like my writing is moving up a notch in my time schedule (even when poor hubby watches the news by himself). I worried over nothing, maybe, but it did take a bit of time to catch up. Actually, I feel like I am still catching up. But whatever it is, it’s working.

    I wish you the best with writing. You’ve done one major step by starting a blog. Maybe that will get the fingers happy and keep you going to transition over to the novel. And congrats on the articles, etc. It all counts!

    Lori A. May

  • Emily Anderson

    I know this is completely different, but I'm also sort of "homeless" right now and having a hard time writing anything. I'm about to move out of state for the first time in my life, and it's a bit unanchoring (if that's even a word). I hope you can find some physical space of your own for writing; the mental space will follow!