Beads and things...
Written by
Noodle Cat
April 2017
Written by
Noodle Cat
April 2017

They hang on my wall collecting dust and memories.

I have never worn them, not once.

These aren't the only ones.

There are the big silver beads on leather that I brought back from India and gave to a woman named Mary.

When she passed away her grand daughter sent them back to me with a beautiful note saying how much she had loved them. And that she wanted me to keep them for her.

There are the cherry amber beads on twine given to me by the chief of a Zambian village as a gift of thanks for my visit to do an art project with the children there.

There are the antique ivory beads, that I would never wear but they are beautiful even though they represent the senseless slaughter of endangered species.

There are the ones that where purchased in Tanzania from a woman who needed to feed her children...

Will I ever wear any of them?

I do not know.

But each strand has the ability to take me right back to the moment and the place.
The people, the sensations, the colors that permeate the air of the place I happen to be at the time.

Hold on to the moment I tell myself every single time I find myself in a new place, a new situation.

These moments are precious.

Respect and cherish them...

And be grateful for the opportunity to be here to experience them.

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