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  • You pay for your sins YOURSELF: Hold up! Jesus did this! I am paid for and free!
You pay for your sins YOURSELF: Hold up! Jesus did this! I am paid for and free!

"You know what you did wrong, deal and live with it!" This is what the world says to do when we sin. 

Jesus was a shepherd, sacrifice, and High Priest. Why?

If you go back to the Old Testament, you will find that the people of Israel called the Israelites and Jews, sinned DAILY and could not have paid for there own wrongs whether they did them or not. 

I want you to imagine three identities about the Messiah who is called Christ: 

1. Suffering Servant-he took our sins (all of them) and bore our iniquities on the cross, Isaiah 53:3-7

2. Shepherd-leading his flock knowing his sheep and in return them knowing his Voice, John 10:10-18

3. Great High Priest-Jesus is the FINAL sacrifice for all our sins both present, past and beyond our future that we will ever commit. He paid the full price when the blood of animals was NOT enough for atonement. Hebrews 9:6-7; 9:11-12; 10:11-14.

Therefore, Jesus paid it ALL for all of us. 

Back to the above example: When we sin, the world who does not know him sees our wrongs, it tells us about how we must pay for and deal and live with what we have done. 

But that according to the Christian faith, is not true. We are paid for what we did, what we will do, and what we do that is present in our lives IF we have come to the cross to receive this gift of salvation. 

Once received, we cannot have it taken away for us nor can we lose it. 

So the next time someone tells you you did wrong, look them in the eyes and declare with victory that you are forgiven and that the price was paid for your ransom. 

I pray you get something out of my message today and everyday that you are forgiven by the Great High Priest who is Jesus Christ. 

He paid for your sins, not you! 

Come to the cross.


Key passages: Hebrews 10:11-14; 9:6-7; 9:11-12; Isaiah 53:3-7; John 10:10-18


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