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  • Ask and You Shall Receive? Is God supposed to give me what I want or what I need?
Ask and You Shall Receive? Is God supposed to give me what I want or what I need?

Boasting with anxiousness, a little gril asks her Heavenly Father, "Daddy? Can I have fame and fortune one day?" She ends her prayer with, "In Jesus name, amen?"

Here's the problem: many of us Christians today would love to have everything they ever wanted for God and act like he will provide it right away. Like a vending machine we put God to the test with OUR requests. 

How DANGEROUS can we as his holy and chosen people get? 

Let's back up for a minute here. If God were to give us what we always wanted, what would we as his children become? Spoiled little brats!!!

God is not a genuine, Santa Clause, or to make matters worse, amazon.com. He does not always give us what we would picture to be OUR version of best at hand. NO! 

He wants what is best for us and not like a vending machine. You know the ones where you toss in a coin or two and you "get what you want." No! 

The issue behind the issue here is that God is not at all prone to our demands rather, he is a good and gracious Father who gives us what we NEED instead of what we always want. 

Let me go back to the example of the little girl. 

Two things are wrong with this picture:

1. She is asking God for what she wants instead of taking into consideration his bigger and better plan for her life, and 

2. She is out of context when she whispers "in Jesus name?" 

Consequently, what we don't realize is that when we ask selfishly out of "in Jesus name," we catch our loving and gracious Heavenly Father saying, "sorry, no my child. That's not my plan for your life because it doesn't have my best interest in mind with me in the front line of what you are asking for." 

Hurts, doesn't it?

Now, try imagining the little girl asking in a different manner WITH God's plan for her life in the back of her mind, "Daddy? If this is YOUR will for me, may I have what I need when I need it most? In Jesus name and for his Glory alone in lined with the Father I pray. Amen!"

Now, imagine God's answer. "Yes, my child. You may have whatever you need since you asked in MY name with my plan for your life in mind! I love you my dear one!"

Now how does it feel to have a God who cares for our every need even when we don't see it? Awesome? I thought so!

So, with that concept in mind, I would invite AND challenge you to when you pray, to pray with a heart that longs for God's will and not what YOU want to see be fulfilled. 

Okay? Let's go!

Start reading God's word first before you act on asking. Seek his will above all else and everything will fall into place. 

See you next week. 


Key passages: John 13, John 14:13-14, John 15:7-8, John 11, John 12, John 14, John 15, John 16, John 10

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