On the Eve of NaPoWriMo

Good Evening!  Today is March 31st .  It is the last day of March, and it is the eve of National Poetry Writing Month.  How many of you out there enjoy writing poetry?  You have an entire month dedicated to writing poetry on a national level.


A Fool's Errand

Tomorrow is also April Fool's Day.  Some might say that only fools write poetry, or that some poets are fools.  They could be right.  Sometimes playing the fool can be fun.  Fools tell the truth and bring levity to situations that need a dose of light-heartedness.


The Fool's Purpose

Poems are the tools of fools because they reflect a truth of an experience that the poet has known and is moved to express in colorful language.  In sharing original poems with the world, the poet reaches out to others who have known a similar experience. With modern technology available to modern poets and poetry aficionados, readers can find ways of contacting their favorite poets to express their appreciation. 


This is a painting of the Perseid Meteor Showers as witnessed by the artist in August of 2015. 

I consider it a type of visual poem on canvas.


Below are a few poems that I have recently written (last week).  I hope that you are inspired to write some of your own in the next month.


Snow laced the world

With a white icing trim.

Millions of glistening crystals,

   Together, sat lightly

                  On houses and tree limbs,

                  On fences and rocks,

   As at six the clock tocked.




The snow remembered Jackson Pollack.

Clumps of white crystals

Arranged themselves

On the side of the road.

They looked like

Giant white droplets of paint

   On the black asphalt,

Arranged by the playful master's hand.




The pearly moon faded

   Into a pale puff of mist

As the sun rose,

   Filling the sky with

                  Wide bands of

                          Warm colors.

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