A Suggestion of Daily/Weekly Writing Goals
Written by
Kaye Curren
March 2017
Written by
Kaye Curren
March 2017

Wow! Daily goals are hard to figure.  I tend to work randomly. Like when I do housework, I skip from room to room to make cleaning more interesting.  My varied writing projects tend to get done that way also.  What I am finding, however, is that I lose focus with that strategy.  When it comes to writing and publishing, I find serious concentration on a task is required.


 For example, I can’t mix Internet activities with finishing a chapter.  Why?  I stay too long at the Internet fair.  


Here’s what I came up for daily goals.  I hope these inspire you or, for that matter, give you better ideas.

Daily Writing Goals

Monday            Organize the Week’s Work Day: Website, Social Media, Correspondence  

Tuesday           Short Piece Submission Day: research, write, revise, edit, market

                       (One per month)

Wednesday      Book Length Memoir Day   (Four chapters a month to meet the long term goal)


Thursday         Book Length Memoir Day   (Four chapters a month to meet the long term goal)


Friday             Potpourri Day:  Tie up loose ends and organize paper and computer files 

Saturday         Blog Post Day: Write my weekly blog post

Sunday            Free Day:  Free read, Free write, Sleep  

Of course, organizing formats must fit our unique projects and our rhythms.  

I do add one piece of advice: do not try to write and market on the same day. Writing is creative, marketing is entrepreneurial.  I have found they do not mix.

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