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  • Advance Chess: Quiet Reflections Of The Double Set Game (D4.2.31) - Book 2, Vol. 5 - by Siafa B....
Advance Chess: Quiet Reflections Of The Double Set Game (D4.2.31) - Book 2, Vol. 5 - by Siafa B. Neal
Written by
Theodocia McLean
March 2017
Written by
Theodocia McLean
March 2017

Advance Chess: Quiet Reflections Of The Double Set Game
(D4.2.31) - Book 2, Vol. 5 - by Siafa B. Neal

Advance Chess- Quiet Reflections of the Double Set Game (D4.2.31) - Book 2, Vol. 5 - by Siafa B. Neal is book seven in his line of professional chess instruction books.

Learn Advance Chess from a master as Siafa who uses diagrams, drawings, illustrations and photos displaying key information about the game board. Included in this book are detailed descriptions and equations that actual take you through and allow you to play an entire game.

The gamer needs to understand the fundamental aspects of conventional chess in order to digest and enjoy these master chess instruction books. Whether you are a Beginner, Intermediate, Semi-Professional or Professional you will enjoy the concepts this new, exciting Advance Chess instruction book offers.

If you are a gamer who is bored with conventional chess and is ready to learn and to experience the complexities and the challenges of intense psychological warfare, this book is ideal for you. As a chess player this exciting new concept will help you acquire gaming knowledge about Advance Chess and allow you to progress ahead of the learning curve well above the Masters and the Grand-Masters of conventional chess.

I invite you to enter the pseudo-dynamics and the quasi-kinetics World of Chess in order to explore and to exhaust the opportunities of testing the plasticity boundary limit ranges of your full spectrum cognitive elasticity cognition capabilities and potentialities. By doing so, a reader gains a different perspective about their intelligence levels of Logistics Diagnostics and Prognostics Analysis.

The language of chess is indeed an expression of mathematical spatial relativity and a Universal language.

My Advance 3-D Model chess books allow readers to tap into the seemingly endless potentialities of Advance 3-D Model chess with the hope that the sport of chess gains recognition as an Olympic Sport whereby both humans and robots interact and compete. The possibility exists where Advance 3-D Chess may be a recreational activity for the Martian inhabitants as man reaches further into space to explore and to inhabit other planets.

Theodocia McLean (Cold Coffee Press) endorses Quiet Reflections of the Double Set Game (D4.2.31) - Book 2 Vol. 5 - by Siafa B. Neal as the ultimate battle plan in war games. Reviewed on March 19, 2017.

The inclusion of computers in game board Tournaments raises many compelling issues concerning the dynamics of human intelligence verses robotic (artificial) intelligence capability. Computer software engineers are designing software that surpasses the game play intelligence of Game Board Masters most notably recently for example, with regards to Chinese-checkers ubiquitously known as Goa which originates from the name the Chinese recognize as Qua-Chia.

Scientists are now demonstrating that computers are now capable of conforming to parametric finite set of game rules thus surpassing human intuitive initiatives game play dominance. Game scientists realize that a human player's weakness of fatigue and focus diminishes with time within the duration span of several games. On the contrary, computers are not apt to human related susceptibilities with regards to game plan focus and memory retention however, computers have to remain super cool to retain longevity and to perform tremendous statistical data computational analysis.

Today Chess games software are now ubiquitously recognizable in international markets and are sold at affordable prices. Chess game board software are so compelling in their complexities that is ruffles most Chess Grand-Masters leaving them even more dumbfounded upon the games' completion. The best hope for an aspiring chess players in regards to chess games software is to tie the game; meaning the game ends with a draw leaving no winners.

The Advance Chess game board, Model III, the Longitudinal Star Gate 14 Model as described in this book, Book 2 Volume 5 will prove to be challenging for most software engineers since the already existing platforms for conventional chess games may require the revision of current strategic computational data analysis thus adding value the already the deep thought processing diagnostic analysis for Advance Matrix Vector Logistics Chess of which I am the Founder, Inventor, Instructor and Author.

Best regards, Siafa B. Neal Grand-Master / Founder / Inventor / Instructor / Author / Artist / Photographer / Strategist / Diagnostic Analyst – Advance 3-D Model Matrix Vector Logistics Chess.

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