Marketing Tip: Ask Your Fans to Promote You
Written by
Maria Murnane
March 2017
Written by
Maria Murnane
March 2017

If you're like most authors, promoting your work doesn't come naturally to you. The same goes for the vast majority of your readers. They may love your book(s), but it would never occur to them to actively spread the word. And even if they want to help get the word out, they probably don't know how. That's why marketing is so hard!

One way to get your fans to help you is to create a list of easy ways they can promote your work. Then, when readers tell you they enjoyed your writing, you can thank them and explain that you'd love their help in getting more readers and share the list. If you have a website, you can also post the list there. For example, on my site I have a "buzz" page that lists several ways to help spread the word about my books. Here are just a few:

  • Post this link on Facebook and ask your friends to have a look
  • Tweet! Tell a friend (or many friends) via Twitter and include @mariamurnane (follow Maria while you're there!)
  • Spread the love! Gift a signed copy of a book to a friend--email Maria at [email protected] to set it up
  • Subscribe to Maria's monthly newsletter (enter your email address on the right side of this page)
  • Post a comment on this site--click here
  • Invite Maria to speak at your event--click here

Anytime I receive an email from a fan, I make a point of saying thank you and also asking that person to use the suggestions on my buzz page. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing force, so why not make it as easy as possible for your biggest cheerleaders to set it in motion?


Maria Murnane is the best-selling author of the Waverly Bryson series, Cassidy Lane, Katwalk, and Wait for the Rain. She also provides consulting services to aspiring and published authors. Have questions? You can find her at


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