Written by
Lisa Oyler
February 2017
Written by
Lisa Oyler
February 2017

we have to keep a piece to ourself

that no one else can see

the wounds are deep, the silence holds

we're drowing out at sea 

we shut the gates, we close the doors

the walls built high and wide

things weigh heavy like anchors

the feelings we try to hide


the darkness consumes us

eventually taking hold

the numbing, lonely feeling

the emptiness unfolds


one tries to fight the demons

the war between mind and heart

the battle rages on and on

hope trying to play its part


we seek for strength

as emotions ebb and flow

as much as we fight

our fears and worries grow


we look to others

when strength lies within

we forget it’s not a flame

just a spark that whispers you can win


we return from the edge

reaching for possibility and light

we are not broken

we are strong and we fight


Let's be friends

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