New Book Release for A Divorce Companion
Written by
Lisa Thomson
February 2017
Written by
Lisa Thomson
February 2017

What's so special about A DIVORCE COMPANION?

This is an edited and clean version of the best blog posts I have written. I spent many hours editing to make this e-book cohesive and easy to navigate. It’s categorized into logical sequence. For example, in the TOC you will see the book begins with ‘Courage’. All the best blog posts dealing with mustering courage and strength are included.

Next is ‘Transition’. All the blog posts dealing with making the transition from a married woman to adjusting and becoming a confident single woman are included in this chapter. For example, Finding a New Normal, Should You Keep His Name? and 10 Things I Wish I Knew Before my Divorce are just three of the six topics in Transition.

Other chapters include Co-Parenting, Sex & Love, Money, Legal/Lawyers, Divorce Recovery & Healing and Narcissism.

The book also includes links for further reading and references to other authors and bloggers at the end of the book, as a resource section.

This book has been made with my whole heart on my sleeve. The absolute aim is to help divorced souls feel they have a companion who understands their journey.

You can pick up A Divorce Companion on either or

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Book Reviews

Lastly, I just want to mention, how important book reviews are to an Indie author, on Amazon and Goodreads. If you read this new e-book, your review would be greatly appreciated. If we lived close together I would take you out for coffee or lunch but…we’ll have to do a virtual hug instead.

Your Turn;

Tell me, have you thought about collaborating your blog into a meaningful e-book? If you have recently published an e-book, what has helped make it a success?

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