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  • Take A Class With She Writes: Change Your Writing Life.
Take A Class With She Writes: Change Your Writing Life.
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
February 2017
Written by
Kamy Wicoff
February 2017

“Friends don’t let friends write alone.” -- Deborah Siegel, cofounder of SheWrites.com.

Writing is a lonely business. It’s one of the most well worn clichés of the writing life, but with good reason. It’s hard to do something that nobody else cares whether you do or not. Debbie Siegel and I started She Writes together because we knew that having a community can be one of the most game-changing things in a writers’ life. But community is only one piece of the puzzle.  The other thing that can make an enormous, game-changing difference in a writer’s life?

Taking a class.

When it comes to jumpstarting your creativity, learning a new writerly trick, taking your craft from competence to mastery, or getting the information and skills you need to put your writing career on the right path, there is almost no better way forward than taking a class with a teacher who knows her stuff. Which is why we couldn’t be prouder of our newest offering: She Writes University. SWU is the only online, webinar-based writing program backed by a community of nearly 30,000 writers and led by an elite group of bestselling and award-winning authors as well as publishing professionals. Many resources and classes online for writers are mediocre at best and exploitative at worst--not to mention overpriced. Not SWU. Here's why. 


Click here for our all-star lineup – but let’s just say SWU's inaugural list of instructors includes the author of one of the biggest bookclub bestsellers in recent memory, a top literary agent, a memoirist who was one of the stars of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, and the publisher of one of the country’s most respected independent presses. To find out exactly what these amazing writers and experts will be offering SWU enrollees, click here. Classes a la carte are $99 each, but if you sign up for three or more, they are only $69 each. 


It used to be that unless you lived in New York or in a university town, taking a writing class with some of the most well-known writers in the country would have been an impossible dream. Through the power of technology—carefully combined with hands-on curation—SWU makes this dream a reality for our students. Unlike other webinar-based programs that are pre-recorded, our teachers teach live, providing SWU students with the opportunity to engage them during the live Q&A following each class, as well as in a follow-up one-hour Q&A session onlineall included with the cost of enrolling.


Over and over, I hear from SheWrites.com members about the quality of our community. As a student of She Writes University, you are walking into a virtual classroom built upon this foundation, with fellow students who understand and share the core She Writes values: generosity, authenticity, graciousness, and dedication to the craft. We will encourage and support students who wish to remain in touch with one another after the course concludes, as well.

So what are you waiting for? Take my advice. Take a class. It just might change your writing life.

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