What Do Solid Writers to Create Excellent Resumes

One of the worst things – apart from lying of course – to do on a resume is to write it poorly. Actually, recruiters and hiring managers alike have gone on record complaining about the tons of poorly-written resumes that are forwarded to their desks.

Whether you are a writer or you have hired a professional resume writer, the following are some of the things solid writers typically do to create excellent resumes. Borrow a leaf from them. 

1. Simplicity and Neatness.

Solid writers understand that how a resume looks determines how easy (or difficult) is it to read, interpret, and follow along. To this end, they use font sizes that are legible enough even if the information is too much for the resume.

Similarly, they simplify their resumes to ensure that the language is not just easy to understand, but it sounds professional and in keeping with the job being applied for. By so doing, they do the work for hiring managers, further boosting their chances of winning the job. 

2. Contact Information.

The other thing that solid writers do to create excellent resumes is that they always put the contact information first. By listing this pertinent kind of information at the top, they make it easy for hiring managers to find it. 

One thing you certainly don’t want to do: make potential employers hunt around your resume looking for a way to get in touch with you. Instead, add your website, email address, phone numbers, physical address, and name at the very top of your resume. 

3. List Work Experience.

Under the Work Experience section, a solid writer lists the job title, the company worked at, and the dates of engagement. They do this in reverse-chronological order to ensure that the most recent relevant position appears first.

Under these titles, they add the experiences, accomplishments, and responsibilities for every job they have included in the resume. By so doing, they eliminate paragraphs which most recruiters and hiring managers don’t even both reading these days. 

4. Resume Format.

The main resume formats used by solid writers include the functional, the chronological formats. The chronological format is a bit traditional. As such, it is best suited for those whose employment history is steady. 

Functional formats, on the other hand, list skills instead of the dates of employment. By so doing, they focus more on the experiences and achievements of the applicant. Effectively, these formats are great for taking off any gaps that might exist in your work history.

The combined format, however, will list skills in the functional format but also include the employment history under the skills. It works best for people looking to change careers because it highlights those skills that are most relevant to the new field.

A good, solid writer, therefore, understands the difference between these formats. They also know which one should be used in every case. 

Over and above everything else, a solid writer works hard to ensure that the resume they create is tailored to the specific position being applied to. By so doing, they increase the chances of being invited for an interview and/or getting hired. If you can’t write, therefore, it might be a good investment on your part to find such a writer to work on your resume. 


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