A New Year and a New U.S. President
Written by
Karen A Szklany
January 2017

Happy New Year!

   I wish everyone reading this post a happy new year filled with new purpose and new adventures!

   I began this year basking in the final 19 days of Barack Obama's presidency, waiting to find out if Donald Trump was really going to be inaugurated as our 45th president.  Now that he has, and I participated in the Woman's March on Boston, I am ready for the adventures my work as a citizen has in store for me.  The next 4 years will be crazy busy at my house and in my neighborhood, but I'm rolling up my sleeves and I am ready to do what needs to be done to help my fellow citizens hold onto the rights and protections they have worked hard for.  I am ready to work hard to protect all of the progress our country has achieved related to civil rights and the preservation of the environment.  I am ready to work to protect the National Parks so that they don't have to compromise their work as wilderness sanctuaries just to stay open.


My family and I at Acadia National Park in Maine this past fall. 

We must keep parks like this open for every US citizen, or guest, to enjoy and learn from! 

They are our national treasures!


Taking Time Out

   Being ready to write letters and make phone calls means that I need to take care of myself a little each day.  Here is what I will be doing to keep myself well and grounded in the months and years ahead:


1.  I am turning off my computer and cell phone for an entire day each week in order to enjoy time outside in nature.  I will use the time I am offline to take long walks or bike rides, cook nutritious meals, read a magical book, play my musical instruments, and take a long salt bath.

2.  I am slowly weaning my family and I off our microwave oven.  I have already begun warming our food in pans on the stove or in the oven, instead of in the microwave.

3.  I have become more mindful of the food I eat and will buy food without any GMOs.  I think of it as a first step in the gradual transformation of my eating habits.  I've already dropped 15 lbs and my glucose numbers are more stabilized.  I can see that the changes I have made in what I eat and the exercises I do both help, and I plan to keep it up indefinitely.  I have also found ways to heal my winter aches and illnesses with herbs and other natural food sources instead of taking over-the-counter drugs.

4.  I am involved in both my intentional community at home and our local UU church.  Mutual support through community involvement is important to accomplishing goals, both personal and public. It's phenomenally encouraging to risk new directions for our lives when we have the support of family and friends behind us.

5.  Finally, I greet each day with gratitude and hope.  There are so many things about our world that are still beautiful, things I'd want to share with others who need a reprieve from trauma in their lives.  I believe in envisioning the world I want to see, then contributing to the changes that will make that world a reality.  If the Woman's Marches around the country and around the world are any indication of what we can accomplish peacefully, then I have hope that our future can be very bright!


Peace, Shalom, Salaam.


A tree by our community labyrinth, with chimes ringing in the wind on a snowy day.  Very enchanting!

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