50 Keywords You Should Obviously Use In Veteran Resume

Military officers make a significant career change by transitioning into civilian workforce and hence will need to convey their skills through effective objective statements that can persuade an employer. They have to define the position they are interested in and express how their acquired skills will suit that particular position.

Keywords communicate qualifications and the skills that an applicant poses. A prospective employer makes basic assumptions about the skills an applicant has based on the keywords they use. A single keyword has tremendous power and delivers a big message. This brief overview looks into the Keywords veterans can use to make their resumes attractive. Use military resume writing services to write veteran resume.

Top Keywords You Should Obviously Use in Veteran Resume:

· My experience in the U.S Army will help me to be an asset to your company 

· To obtain a position in which I can optimize my multilayer of management skills, program development, quality assurance, administrative skills and training experience.

· To obtain a position that allows me to use my trouble shooting and rapid adaptation skills. By allowing me to use may talent for quickly understanding new systems, technology and integrating old, new, and international equipment to further my career and education. 

· To acquire a management position that will utilize my leadership, operations, coordination, communication and logistics skills to enhance team building and enhance customer service while at the same time increasing profit margins for an organization. 

· To acquire a professional based on Customer Service that will enable me to further develop my abilities and enhance an established workforce. 

· My aim is to acquire a position with an esteemed company where I can utilize my skills and technical knowledge in administration, computer systems, logistics, people, office equipment and organization. I will employ my skills in contributing to efficient business operations in your company.

· I am looking for a position where motivational skills and experience will enhance the company. 

· As a recently retire active-duty service member am seeking for a position in the U.S Government sector that will certainly need my military training, management and leadership skills. Being a team oriented as well as well organized individual with over 20 years experience in the Army. 

· To acquire a management position in a progressive organization that will efficiently utilize my acquired experience and expertise. 

· I am looking for a challenging corporate position that capitalizes on a 15-year controlling senior level financial operations as well as managing turnaround operations in supporting the company’s direction and strategy.

· I am looking to acquire a position where I can utilize my experience in operations, security, Human Resource and intelligence. 

· To obtain a challenging opportunity in Facility Management that will use my skills in overseeing project developments from the start up to their finish including maintaining cost and quality control. 

· Looking for an opportunity to provide my expertise and knowledge in management and communication planning by utilizing my extensive skills to build an innovative and adaptive result and detail oriented company.

· Seeking for an analytical position in administration or management that allows me to utilize and apply over 20 years of responsible and progressive experience in the Army’s department of public education.

These keywords will set you apart as the most qualified individual out of the huge number of applicants. Remember to keep it relevant and emphasize on the impact you are capable of making.


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