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  • I never knew that these household items have an expiration date
I never knew that these household items have an expiration date
Written by
Nia Greenwood
December 2016
Written by
Nia Greenwood
December 2016

Today I stumbled upon an article explaining how many of our belongings actually have an expiration date we've never even supposed to exist. I'm not sure about the credibility of this information, but I decided to share few of the facts and items with you, and give you the chance to reach a conclusion by yourself.

  1. Sponges - turns out we have to replace the bathroom sponges every six months because they could breed fungus and mold;
  2. Hairbrush - get rid of it after the first year of usage, as the experts advise us. And that is if you clean it each week!;
  3. Slippers and running shoes - after a long use they might breed fungus, spread it, and the cushioning will break down causing pain to your joints. Expiration date - 6 to 12 months;
  4. Fire extinguisher - it usually has no expiration date, bur manufacturers explain that most extinguishers work for 5 to 15 years;
  5. Toothbrush - they say you should ditch it after 3 months of use but according to my experience you better change it every 3 weeks;
  6. Pillows - yes, pillows! After a few years of use, they lose shape, harbor mites, and might cause pain in your neck or shoulders;
  7. Perfumes - up to 3 years when stored closed, and 1 year when stored opened;
  8. Flour - throw it away after 1 year if it is a high-grade flour, low-grade ones expire after half a year;
  9. Towels - bacteria and microbes breed in humid environments, which makes our wet towels a true paradise for them. Have your towels gone after 1 to 3 years after you've become using them;
  10. Power strips, bras, spices, disinfectants and more!

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