Why Most Online Resume Builders Fail

So you are ready to enter in practical life. This is the time to tell people about your skills and how much you are capable of getting particular job. So you can`t tell everyone through mouth or on a phone. In practical everything in written is more professional and more worthy. 

So you have to develop CV. Your CV is your professional face. It shows your skills and will communicate as non verbally for you. 

Computer is consider as MR perfect. It is perceived that CV build through CV builder will be perfect, will secure you job and have no flaw. Many resume builders websites and software are available. You can see many template on MS word or other word processing software. Even many experts are available online to provide you such services. It is good to avail services from any of above mention service provider but remember. Nobody knows you and your environment more then you.

So let’s see why Most Online Resume Builders Fail?

1-Computer can`t think like you:

Remember Computer is a machine. It has no feelings. It can`t think like you. So don`t trust him when designing some real life and practical thing which has to be more impactful. So if you are designing some CV through CV builder it would be just like arranging some puzzles, it has no concerns whether the puzzles will look fine together or not. 

2-Content matters more than style:

Most of the online CV work on highlighting the contents, use of colors, use of boarder, paper layout etc. I can`t reject the fact that these things matter. They matter but not more than actual content. They are not of intrinsic importance. Sometimes such formatting may be against company`s law, or your employer won`t find them interesting so it may decrease chance of selection or it may give you negative impact. 

3-Every job Description is different of other:

CV builder produce some general purpose CV , which may compel to produce CV according to specific job. You can say all the jobs even of same profession and career have different job requirements. This important fact is verily neglected by online CV builder. 

4-Personal touch:

Think of a situation in which one is teacher as well as programmer. So his CV for teacher is different as it may include his duties, his result statistics and much more whereas his programming profile will defiantly omit all of above but will include previous work, certificates, relevant experiences and different skills. So then a person can`t rely on CV builders. he should develop some general purpose CV or separate CV for each. 

5-Watermark or endnote:

Well some of the CV builder will always keep their company`s name as watermark or will produce endnote. Even you can find some builder who will not let you download CV or will give read only version. Such CVs according to me are of no use. They always show that you can’t even write your CV. 

6-Extra information:

CV builder most of the time required extra or useless information for example in job description we are not asked to give or academic results but in CVbuilder Performa we are obliged to produce such results so we have to write it . if we won`t we can`t complete and if we did we may gave our negative points to our employer. 

At the end I must conclude that CV builders are not totally failure. Remember they just give you a summary or a Performa or template you should refine it according to your requirements and you should change it according to every other job you are applying. 

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